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Geek Eats: Gordon Biersch Brewing Company

Gordon Biersch Brewing Company
100 M Street SW
Washington DC 20003


A large group of us got together to try out this restaurant in downtown DC not too far away from Nationals Stadium. Being that it was a Friday night with heavy winds and cold air, the restaurant was pretty empty but seemed like a good place to try out food and beer. As far as parking is concerned, after 7pm it’s ok to park on the street without fear of ticketing or meter feeding but parking spots in DC are always at a premium. The restaurant is also easily accessible for the Navy Yard Metro stop if you don’t want to risk DC parking.

Before I go any further into the food itself, it’s important to talk about the service.   In my opinion, service is ½ the grade for any restaurant and while I feel that the service here was passable, it was at the end of the evening when our waitress took nearly 45 minutes to figure out our bills that soured the evening. It didn’t help that during the course of our time there, our orders were either mixed up or never brought out at all, but the bills being messed up after it was explicitly told to the waitress how to divide it all ruined an otherwise decent evening. We also wasn’t too happy of the manager offering just 10% off and free dessert (it’s almost 10pm, we have been here since 8pm you want me to wait for more food?) with the statement, “That’s the best I can do.”   This treatment simply means, we won’t be returning or if we do, being very meticulous with the wait staff.  The other head-scratcher is that when we got there, my wife ordered a turkey burger and was told that it was out, yet one of our companions came after us 30 minutes later, ordered it and got it.


Gordon Biersch’s claim to fame is they have an on-site brewery which makes it ideal for beer lovers looking for a different beer experience.   I tried the Belgian Witbier which came as advertised, as a light beer, not too tangy and a good after taste.   One of my other friends had the Weizenbock and he highly recommends that should I ever return.

For the appetizer, I tried the crab risotto fritters which were very good and well balanced with seasoning and meat. It had a pleasant after taste which went well with the beer.


The main course was mixed. I had the lobster and shrimp mac and cheese, which was very good. The cheese sauce was very flavorful but better yet for the portion size, it was a good distribution of meat and macaroni. I was pleasantly surprised because in most cases, a meal like this you would get a lot of macaroni but a small portion of meat but I was satisfied for this serving.


On the other hand, my wife tried the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Salmon. She was less than thrilled as the wait staff forgot (and never brought) her requested vegetables for her meal. Also, she said that the salmon was drowned in too much sauce and still did not conceal the fact that it was very dry and flavorless in the first place.


When asking the others in our group about the food, some said it was ok but the end result with our bills being messed up made it a disappointing night.   Thank goodness, I was in good company however!

I must say that the price was about average of what you would expect.   My entrée was worth the $20+ dollars and so was the beer at $5

2 out of 5 Stars.

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  1. That sucks that you had a rough time there. I like the location that they have in Tyson’s Corner Center. It’s accessible, the food is great, and the service is pretty outstanding.


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