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Review Brew: Star Wars #1

Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: John Cassaday We here at PCU are combining our efforts this week to talk about one of the biggest releases this month, if not the year.  I personally enjoyed the book and my favorite cover was the Alex Ross cover.  Of, course, it’s a nod to the very first issue from nearly 40 years ago.   This modern take really took me back to the first time I saw this book on the shelf and I am so happy that Marvel brought in so many talents.  If you are a Star Wars fan, no way you can miss out this week.  And now, the Review Brew gives their take on the book! – Harry

Reviewed By: Brett Israel

Marvel really hit it out of the park with the new Star Wars series. This first issue felt so much like the first half hour or so of a movie in the original trilogy, I was hearing the classic Williams score in my head while reading each page. Jason Aaron nails these characters, especially Han, who is clearly the one who “shot first” from A New Hope in this series. The story is new and interesting, while hitting every bit of nostalgia I had at the same time. That cliffhanger at the end of the issue, god damn Aaron, sent chills down my spine.

Even though I knew Aaron would bring it, I was concerned about Cassaday’s art. I’m extremely happy to say that I see more Astonishing X-Men in these pages then I do those Superman covers he did a few years ago. He renders the characters exactly as I remember them, and his Chewy has more life in it than the movies could ever make him. I hope he can keep this quality up with the next set of issues.

The variant cover featuring Jaxxon, the Lepi Smuggler famously seen in the original Marvel Star Wars run, is hilarious. John Taylor Christopher channels his inner Kevin Maguire here, with an excellent display if expression on the characters faces, and giving the fixed face of Darth Vader a seeming sense of life. Also, more word balloons on covers please! I miss it.

5 levels of firepower magnitude out of 5

by Lee Gordon

I heard a rumor there were about 100 variants for Marvel’s new Star Wars #1, an amount way beyond my financial means to collect them all. The regular cover is good and it matched the artwork inside, but for nostalgia sake I picked up a variant. Sure the Alex Ross copy is a rendition of the original by Howard Chaykin, and J. Scott Campbell fetches a pretty penny in a graded 9.8, but I chose a Bob McLeod variant to cherish.

Bob McLeod is one of the legends that helped solidify my love for comics with The New Mutants. His cover variant of this book had to be included into my collection. He has a way with inks that even had me get him to sketch on the back of the first appearance of my favorite team, on a prestiges 9.8 copy of Marvel Graphic Novel #4. I did pick up the other variants I mentioned, but  I think it will only be a matter of months before I have Bob McLeod sign this one too.

by Ray Willis

A long time in a galaxy far, far away…….

Star Wars came out and became one of the best film trilogies out there. I have enjoyed the films that were made even the prequels because I was kid when those were put out. I have read only a handful of stories, mostly Boba Fett related and watched the Clone Wars television series but loved the lore around this universe that was created around these films. Now after many years, Star Wars has returned to Marvel and brought with a tale of the Rebel Alliance after the destruction of the infamous “Death Star”.

The story is done by Jason Aaron which he really invokes the old characters as they infiltrate a weapons facility. He really gives these character we love, from the films really good dialogue. It really feels like watching a deleted scene from the film and I really enjoyed that. The art from John Cassaday really knocks it out of the park and captures the looks of the characters really well. Every character is drawn very well and its amazing. The planet itself also looks very menacing since its a weapons facility from the Empire. The colors from Laura Martin gives life to these characters and the world that encompasses them. This was a really good first issue in bringing back the old film franchise that has lived on for so long.

5 out of 5 C3P0’s

by John Amenta

I’m a burned out Star Wars fan. Blame the prequels, blame George Lucas, blame it all, my love affair with SW ended years ago. I still love the original trilogy, despite its flaws, and I still hold the characters close to my heart. I just never believed something new with the Star Wars brand would come along and rekindle my feelings. Let’s not get too excited, but Marvel’s new series has cut through years of hurt and disappointment to spark my inner SW fire a bit. Jason Aaron and John Cassaday, writer and penciller, both understand these characters, and translate that understanding through their dialogue and art perfectly. Aaron finds familiar voices easily, and Cassaday captures likenesses effortlessly, and never loses it, even in drawing action and motion panels. Story wise, this just like everything else not seen in the six films released is technically considered Expanded Universe, but I enjoyed it immensely. Taking place between A New Hope and Empire, the Rebellion is following up their surprise Death Star victory with a covert attack on an Empire munitions factory. Luke, Leia and Han infiltrate the facility, and things go smoothly for a bit. Before long Vader arrives, Chewie  does his best Lee Harvey Oswald impression and the Millenium Falcon gets taken apart by alien chop shoppers.  Blink and you’ll miss some great moments such as another hand getting chopped off, more jokes at the Falcon’s expense, Luke trying (and failing) at a Jedi mind trick. For a book I didn’t plan to read, I now have to add this series to my pull list. The Force is strong with Marvel. 5 Zuckuss cameos of 5

(We can’t wait for this book!)

by Alex Krefetz

I was pretty excited for Star Wars #1 considering the creative team consisted of one of my favorite writers and a solid artist. Considering this was a part of the new Star Wars EU and an entirely blank slate, I was excited at the possibilities of what could happen. Issue 1 was exactly what I thought the first issue of a Star Wars book would be, which was a bit of a let-down considering the creators and current atmosphere of Star Wars. You get the main cast trying to stop an Empire weapons factory, some fisticuffs, a brief light saber fight and a shocking reveal of exactly the character you think would appear in the first issue. It’s hard to get excited for what seems like a very paint-by-the-numbers story, but for those looking for a Star Wars story will likely be satiated. I also picked up the Action Figure variant cover, which was a throwback to the early series of action figures. It really looked the part and reminded me of those toys I would always see in stores and want to pick up. A great cover that I’ll definitely keep around.

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