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Review Brew: Storm #7

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Al Barrionuevo
Reviewer: Oz Longworth Jr., the Three Time Thumb Wrestling Champion of the 13 Known Galaxies
At last, Storm is getting the shine she so deserves in a solo title and it has yet to disappoint. No questionable Toad jokes, no wooden Halle Berry emoting here. Greg Pak has really put his nose to the grindstone in the service of unlocking Storm’s potential and making her a fully formed character of color with real agency.When we last left our hero, her flight home had been interrupted by hijackers. The affair ended with Storm saving the people on the plane and being rewarded by being arrested as soon as she landed. The crime: being young, black and flying coach. This issue picks up with the Windrider in custody, trying to get to the bottom of this frame job. Pak knows what he’s doing when he offers up these underlying elements of police brutality and racial profiling. Meanwhile, the story still hit all the right notes that make for an entertaining signature X-book. Every issue is a new chance for Storm to prove that she’s more than just the sum of her powers, that she’s a skilled hero even after she’s been broken down to her basic parts. Al Barrionuevo’s artwork is pretty good, but not as strong as the visuals in this book have been in the past. The high points are lively and vibrant, but there are key panels that feel a little too stiff.

Bottom Line: A decent offering but not among the strongest of the series so far. But even at half speed, this book is still more of a must have than a LOT of material out there. I mean…Winter Soldier has been rebooted at least three times in two years. Think about it. 3 out of 5 stars.

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