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Review Brew: Nikkol Jelenic’s A Taste For Killing #3

Writer and Artist: Nikkol Jelenic
Reviewer: John Amenta

Writer and Artist Nikkol Jelenic is doing her best at bringing back another era in comic books. An era when horror themed comics reigned supreme, eclipsing the waning superhero market, and helping to get the Comics Code created. Nikkol’s horror centric book, A Taste For Killing, is devoting each issue to a different classic horror theme, and issue 3 is centered on sea creatures and the terrors of the deep.

The issue is set up with a main story, followed by several short prose stories and pin ups by various artists. The feature story, written and drawn by Jelenic, is an amalgamation of several tales we have all read before. This is not a bad thing, as so many great horror stories have been reinterpreted and retold endless times through the years. This story shares threads with the tales of the succubus, as a jealous pirate seeks the mysterious woman at his Captain’s side, and as so often happens, gets more than he bargained for. Jelenic tells a full story quickly and concisely, honoring the classic horror anthologies of the 60’s, such as Creepy and Eerie.

Jelenic’s black and white art is the true star of this story, as she deftly harkens back to the feel of old Conan issues, drawing brutish muscular men, voluptuous vixens and terrifying creatures. Her use of shading in different portions of the page is excellent, effectively filling in the detail normally provided by colors. She obviously spends a lot of time on figure work, but does a good job of balancing out the backgrounds with full detail.

Including the extra stories and art, Taste is a solid book, and a worthwhile read. Publishing under the name Acid i, Jelenic is a small press name to keep an eye out for. The prose stories and pin ups are submitted to her from local artists and writers, and she includes the best in her book to help share exposure. With this kind of love and support for the medium, don’t be surprised to see something from Nikkol on the racks at your local comic shop in the near future.

3.5 Mermaids of 5

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