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Review Brew: Lady Killer #1


Writers: Joelle Jones & James S. Rich
Artist: Joelle Jones
Colors: Laura Allred
Reviewer: Ray Willis

Josie Schuller is the everyday wife that cooks, cleans, and makes dinner for the family living in the 1960’s but makes no mistake she is not just a pretty face.

This is a very interesting title that caught my attention when reading a bit of the synopsis and looking at the interiors. I just put on my pull list and decided to get it, to be surprised how I enjoyed this title. Writers Joelle Jones & James S. Rich, create a really great story with a character set in a period where you wouldn’t really expect your spouse to be an assassin. From this first we get to see the tone of the world and the people around her such as her suspicious mother to Peck who has jobs that he offers her.

We do get to see how she operates as well in the early pages with her being a door to door saleswoman keeping track of a client. With little ease she is in the house and takes out her target. A bit messy but efficient with little damage to herself. The action was brief but showed how good she is at her job.

The art was really good and really flowed throughout the story. Joelle Jones style really gives the characters a lot of depth and makes the issue easy to follow. The characters themselves all looked well drawn. The colors from Laura Allred is nice and brings life into the characters. The colors really pop.

This was a good first issue of this five part mini series from Dark Horse. The writing is really good and the art is well, I have no complaints about the art or the colors at all. This title is really well put together. I definitely will be picking this title up when it drops next month.

5 out of 5 Josie Schullers

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