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Review Brew: Ant-Man #1


Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Reviewer: Alex Krefetz 

With the trailer for the film Ant-Man releasing earlier this week, it’s only natural to release a new series starring everybody’s favorite insect-based hero (Spider-Man, eat your heart out). This first issue serves as a quick origin story, self contained tale and sets out the ongoing  story.  Despite balancing three distinct tasks, Ant-Man 1 manages to satisfy all three and deliver another good, if familiar, story.

Scott Lang is still a loser, and the story wastes no time telling us. While we’re treated to a humorous retelling of his origin, Scott competes alongside D-list heroes for a position on Tony Stark’s staff. At the same time,  Scott tries to spend time with his daughter and avoid his ex-wife. I was ready for the story to pose his ex-wife as a party-pooper and Scott as a jerky-yet-charming father who is wronged, but I was pleased with how the relationships between Scott’s family was handled. Meanwhile, the Stark story serves as little more than a vehicle to tell the origin and move towards the ongoing story, but it’s enough and tells plenty of good jokes.

This is the first time I’ve seen Ronasas’ work, and it seems a solid choice for this book. Aside from drawing a good swarm of ants, the book is well paced and maintains a light and fun tone.  Scott’s new costume stands out as a great new design, as well as seeing the miniaturized versions of different settings from the book. While not wildly different from other books at Marvel, the story is still told in an engaging way.

Ant-Man #1 is a solid start for an ongoing story. It’s only fault is being another super hero story with lighthearted and humorous tones at a company that has put out Hawkeye, Superior Foes of Spider-Man and Daredevil in the last few years. Even if it is similar to these other stories, it’s still a great book I look forward to following.

4 ants in the pants out of 5


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