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PCU 13 –Its A Ghostface Killah Christmas


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This week, Armand, El, and Jon man the fort and while Armand is bopping his head to the new Ghostface Killah, album drop, the crew discusses the following:

Star Wars – Rolling droids, Character names, Imaginary scripts, oh my!
Sony is hacked…AGAIN
Sony and Marvel Revelations Regarding Negotiations for Spider Man to Appear in Captain America 3: Civil War
College Football Variants for Marvel – Good Idea or corporate gone crazy
Darwin Cooke DC Variants
And speaking of DC, DC Breaks EVERYTHING:

Batwoman # 36 – Batwoman gets vampire-roofied and raped, Author states it is not a non-consensual
Batgirl #37 – Whoops, Transphobia!!
Klarion #3 – Bad guy is taking over the world using WILDLY popular replacements for wives so men don’t have to listen to them talk (apparently El is the only person who reads this book…)
WW #36 – yeah…that happened.
Earth 2 – Babs gets “fridged”, something…involving extra arms and brainwashing…happens to Helena…
World’s Finest – stopped covering two female characters, added brokeback + Supes carrying Catwoman around like a sack of potatoes, asking if Bats dropped something…

( ^^ this is what happens when Aitch is gone for a week!! All of these things happen!!)

No one knows why but Sega is developing its early game properties, including Crazy Taxi, into films
And also a Krypton TV show?
Gift Ideas for Comic/Pop Culture Heads

Album Release – Ghostface Killah 36 – Seasons / Wu Tang A Better Tomorrow

Laughing Ogre, Lansdowne lost their lease (With only a weeks notice from the Property Managers!) and are closing December 18th. No new location yet, but EVERYTHING (toys, books, collectibles, T-Shirts, Statues, Games, ETC.), with only a few exceptions, are 50% off through the 17th. Go stock up while you can.

And then the Exodus Casting Issues

In our Reviews

Sex Criminals 9
East of West: The World, The Valiant
Bitch Planet #1

Pull List for December 17 (Jonathan’s Birthday!)

Oddly Normal #4
Ultimate Spider Man 8
Rachel Rising Vol. 5: Night Cometh TP

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