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Cosplay Spotlight with Matthew O!!

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY for 16 years currently reside in Edgewood, MD
I’ve been cosplaying for a year now but I’ve been going to cons since 2010
Other characters I have cosplayed are: Impel Down Crocodile, Red Hood, Arrow, Superboy and Tobi

  1. Who or what inspired you to cosplay?

No one inspired me to cosplay it just happened. Two coworkers invited me to Otakon in 2010 and they said you should cosplay with us. I initially was hesitant because as much as I like anime and comics I always said cosplay was weird and stupid, but they said at least try it once and if you don’t like it then don’t do it. So I bought a akatsuki cloak and tobi mask from the dealers room in Otakon and Bam!!! I was in cosplay.


2. When you are not cosplaying what else do you do and what are your hobbies?

When im not in cosplay I’m usually at the gym hitting the weights, playing basketball, (my all-time favorite sport), or playing video games.  I try to play more basketball now since I used to play it a lot back in Brooklyn and by a lot I mean everyday regardless of the weather. Since moving to MD in 06 I didn’t get to play as often as I used to and when I started to pick it back up I would get sore because the last time I would have played was a year prior. With the injuries I have now acquired from my on and off basketball years the chance of me being dominant again on the court isn’t happening. So instead of being Shaq and Ben Wallace, I have to settle for being current Vince Carter. (Aitch sez: “Is he still even playing??)

3. What is one big piece of advice you would give to a new cosplayer?

One big piece of advice I would give is that there is no gender/color boundary with cosplay. You can cosplay whoever you want regardless of your race, gender, ethnicity, height, and appearance. If that was the case I would never cosplay Arrow or Red Hood. I always say this line from 90’s rapper Biggie Smalls which is cheesy as hell but it works with a lot of situations: “just remind yourself ain’t nobody built like you, you designed yourself”.

4. What is one thing the cosplaying community can do better when it comes to dealing with each other?

We, as cosplayers need to do a better job of accepting each other. There is too much you can’t do this and you shouldn’t do that when it comes to cosplay. Please stop being creepy with female and male cosplayers. Too many of my female cosplay friends share their stories about how con goers approach and talk to them and it makes them uncomfortable. Cosplay isn’t consent, and con goers should always remember that. If someone says “No” then back off.  Also I would like some cosplayers to get off their high horse with the “I am better than any other cosplayers” attitude at the cons. We are all nerds who have some similarities from being picked on and being an outcast. Now you want to bring that attitude into the cosplay world. Get out of here with that nonsense. If we remember who we are and where we came from, we can make it better for new cosplayers to get into this hobby.


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