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Catching Up With The First Family Of TV

By John Amenta

My name is John,and I’m a lapsed Fan of The Simpsons. There I said it. I was there from the beginning, watching the very rudimentary shorts during episodes of The Tracey Ullman Show on the newborn FOX network. I remember when MTV focused on replaying the video for Do The Bartman as much as the latest from George Michael,and I was there when the world wondered for a summer as to whom shot Mr.Burns. Sunday nights after watching football all day with my two roommates and buddies was not complete without a beer or two and Homer’s latest antics. I was there on opening day for the long awaited film,dragging my wife,on our 10th anniversary of being together. I’m sure she didn’t want to go to a nice restaurant,right?

And somewhere around that time, I lost touch with the denizens of Springfield. I can’t explain,but I just didn’t make the time anymore. I stopped watching the nightly syndicated reruns,which for years filled my post work detox routine.The quality of the show had dipped from its very early zenith,but good,not great Simpsons is still funnier than most of the dreck on TV in the last several years. I just let it fall by the wayside, ten years ago I could answer most any obscure trivia revolving around the show, now I could barely recall what the J stood for in Homer J. Simpson. FXX decided to inadvertently change a small part of my life.

In August the network launched a nonstop marathon of every Simpsons episode aired until that point. Over 500, in order. I flipped it on one night, and watched about 6 episodes, all from Season 5. For the rest of the week, any television I watched,whether it be 1 hour a day or 6, was Simpsons. I saw episodes I’ve seen innumerable amounts of time, and newer ones I had never seen. I loved it all. From Flanders to Disco Stu, and from Armin Tamzarian to Sideshow Luke Perry, I was reinvigorated by these characters that I so loved.From the time the monorail came to town,to the adventures of the Flying Hellfish.,the stories made me laugh out loud again.

2 days ago, my iPad told me that my so far disappointing FXX app was ready for update. I downloaded it for free a few months ago and overall it didn’t offer much, a new episode of Sons Of Anarchy or The Bridge aside. When I was done with the download I checked it out. Simpsons World was now at my fingertips. Every Simpsons episode streaming. Free.All you need is to use the password from your FXX carrying cable provider. The app also includes a random episode option, trivia, stats showing what is being watched and how many times the episodes has been streamed. Did you read the first part though? Every episode ever. Whatever you want to watch. Not sure if your in the mood for season 3 or 17? Hit random and maybe you’ll get something nice from season 6.

If you are even the most casual fan of The Simpsons, you can’t go wrong with this app. Again,it’s free. If you are a die hard, or like me, born again, you will love it. I have just allowed another time suck into my already full life. I’m ok with this. I feel like I’m hanging out with old friends and at the same time churning up some real memories that can be associated with several points in my life connected through the show. It’s a nice bit of reminiscing.

Oh and by the way, I know the J stands for Jay.

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Born and raised in Central Connecticut. Raised on the good stuff, such as Star Wars, Marvel G.I. Joe comics and a heaping spoonful of Saturday morning cartoons. Many years later, still sticking to the ways of younger life, to counteract the terror of adult existence.

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