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The Simpsons Guy Crossover – Nearly Epic

by Aitch Cee
It’s amazing that Fox took this long to bring both of these franchises together in this hour long Family Guy crossover and it mostly paid off. With The Simpsons opening its 26th season an hour earlier and Family Guy opening at half that, this was a great way to bridge them both together. And despite what others may say, I am not a big fan of Brooklyn 99 and quite honestly would have been happy to see Bob’s Burger still bridge those two shows as always, more on that in a second.

The show’s premise is that the Griffins’ car is stolen as they are forced to go on the run from Quahog after another one of Peter’s plans go awry. The Griffins then finds themselves in Springfield and scrounging for food. They walk into the Kwik-I-Mart and then meet Homer who buys them (and of course takes) some donuts and agrees to help them while the Griffiths locate their car.

The rest of the show is pretty much what you could expect from a crossover and all of it was fun. Each show characters at one point or another takes potshots at not only each other’s cast members but other things as well. At one point it’s even made mention at how both shows have carried Cleveland and Bob from their respective shows and it’s worth a chuckle.

Even with so many characters blended in, both franchises manages to juggle all of the subplots including Lisa helping Meg with her self-esteem (which to no surprise, gets the least attention), Stewie helping Bart with his bully problem, Meg and Marge becoming friends, Brian somehow losing Santa’s little helper and of course the subplot which becomes the focus of the show when Peter and Homer come to odds about their favorite beer.

And then also there is the rape joke. For those that got upset about it, if you really paid attention to Bart’s response, you got the fact that Stewie as with most things with Family Guy, went too far.

For some reason I still felt that the hour wasn’t long enough to get the greatness of these two shows being brought together. I was indeed hoping more could have come about the 2 biggest badasses of Stewie and Bart being brought together and I think this was a missed opportunity. However, the climax of the ultimate battle of Homer and Peter satisfied me enough.

The one thing I will say however, between watching The Simpsons premier, which had probably one of the weirdest couch gags I have seen in a while, I still do feel as if where that opening show was slightly overhyped due to a character’s passing, The Simpsons premier came stumbling out of the gate, and Family Guy, even with the crossover, carried everybody that night.

All in all, with few exceptions (by the way did anyone notice a certain character that DID die all of a sudden appeared alive?) the show delivered but it was crammed with so much stuff, I wish there was more.

3.5 out of 5

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