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Breaking down Multiversity’s Dramatis Personae

by Alex Krefetz

DC’s Multiversity event kicked off last month with The Multiversity #1 from Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis. Each of the six issues takes place on a parallel Earth as a group of heroes fights against a multiversial threat, called The Gentry. Writer Grant Morrison possesses a deep understanding of the DC universe and often reworks and references past material from the company in new ways. To many, his stories can be difficult to navigate due to the cosmic nature of his stories and referential writing style. Anyone claiming to understand everything going on in Multiversity, especially only two issues in, is probably blowing hot air. However, we can take a look at the characters so far and see how they fit in to this story as well as the larger DC universe. Because there are so many characters, we’ll be focusing on those who have been named so far and seem most important to the plot.

Nix Uotan

Last seen in Final Crisis, Nix Uotan is the last of the Monitors. Tasked with protecting the multiverse of all 52 worlds, Nix Uotan was banished from the Monitor’s realm at the beginning of Final Crisis before returning as the most powerful monitor at the story’s end. This all happened before the New 52 continuity, so it’s not sure how much of that story still remains, but it seems Nix Uotan still retains the ability to travel between universes and seems to possess massive power. It’s difficult to tell what his roll will be for the entire story, but Nix Uotan is poised as a hero in the first issue sacrificing his life to help collect heroes from across the multiverse.

Mr. Stubbs

Mr. Stubbs first appears as a stuffed monkey before turning into some sort of sentient pirate-monkey partner of Nix Uotan. He seems to have similar cosmic powers to Nix Uotan and travels with him in the Multiverse. This seems to be his first appearance.


An electric-based hero that Nix Uotan and Mr. Stubbs find in a parallel world fighting The Gentry. He may be based off of the characer Wandjina the Thunderer, an Australian Aborigine hero with electric powers. He is saved by Nix Uotan and sent on a quest to find other super heroes throughout the multiverse to help the fight. It seems he may emerge as one of the leaders of this eventual group.

President Calvin Ellis

From Earth-23, this version of Superman both serves as a hero and the president of the United States. We’ve seen him a few times, starting in Final Crisis and also appearing in an issue of Action Comics (also written by Grant Morrison). He’s very similar to the traditional Kal-el Superman that most are familiar with. He also seems to have forgotten the events of Final Crisis and meeting other characters, though some of them remember him.

Captain Carrot

A personal favorite. Captain Carrot comes from a super team of farm animals known as the Zoo Crew, with each member modeled after a Justice League counterpart. Captain Carrot is based off of Superman, and seems to have a similar power set. Though he starred in several ongoing series in the past, his most recent appearance was in a few panels of Final Crisis (that event just keeps turning up). Unlike President Calvin Ellis, he seems to remember some of the events of Final Crisis and meeting other multiversal heroes.


Staring in issue 2, this version of Anthro seems like a continuation of the original character. Anthro was the first human to use fire and defeat Vandal Savage (more on him later) after receiving help from Metron of the New Gods. Here, he also seems to have picked up immortality similar to Vandal Savage and now fights against him.

The Blackhawks


A squadron of elite pilots who have existed in the DC universe for decades. Here, the group seems to be all female and work with the Society of Superheroes.

Atom (Al Pratt)
This one is interesting. Al Pratt is the golden-age version of the Atom, a hero with super strength but not the scientific knowledge of later incarnations. His mask also bears the mark of a single hydrogen atom, most known from the Watchmen character Dr. Manhattan. It doesn’t seem he has any of Dr. Manhattan’s reality-bending abilities, just the original character’s super strength.

Doc Fate

A hybrid of Doc Savage and Dr. Fate. Savage is an older pulp-action hero/archaeologist/explorer/scientist/general badass, while Dr. Fate is a sorcerer from Egyptian culture and generally considered the most powerful magic being in the DC universe. Clearly, this is someone not to mess with. He seems to possess the collective knowledge of both, and is an established hero in his universe even before bringing together the Society of Superheroes.

Abin Sur

The green lantern who gave the ring to Hal Jordan shows up here as a demon-looking alien similar to Etrogin, DC’s resident rhyming devil. He seems to retain the same basic story as the original Abin Sur, just with a new look.

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