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The Review Brew – September 25, 2014


Edge of Spider-Verse #3
Writer: Dustin Weaver
Artist: Dustin Weaver
Reviewer: Lee  Gordon

I didn’t like Edge of Spider-Verse #2, I felt the full comic book could have been crammed in four pages of the latest issue Superior Spider-Man. As much as I didn’t like issue #2, art or story, I loved issue #3. Dustin Weaver did a great job introducing a brand new Spider-Man, not to mention he drew him well too. How often do you read a comic book where it is drawn and written by the same person?

Aaron Aikman experimented on himself, the result was becoming this particular world’s Spider-Man and Naamurah was possibly the Green Goblin, not as a doppelgänger, but as an arch nemesis. In true Peter Parker fashion, Aaron has the same luck, where those close to him are cursed. His girlfriend leaves him for reasons unknown and enters back into his life all with in the same issue. Dustin gives a sense of time stuck using twenty pages, an admirable feat of story telling.

This issue has everything a one shot should have. There was action and romance, some suspense, and most importantly a villain worthy to be written about in the pages of Spider-Man. Dan Slott created an idea and is allowing others to run with it. It’s almost reminiscent of a giant “What If” story, but a reality for the 616 universe, the best part is, Peter doesn’t even know about it yet.

And a side note, if you like the Marvel collectors cards from the eighties, you’re in for a treat.

4 out of 5 stars

Armor Hunters #4
Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Doug Braithwaite
Colorist: Laura Martin
Reviewer: Ray Willis

It is finally here the final issue of Armor Hunters. I have really enjoyed this event since the start and have been waiting for the finale to this great event. With the Armor hunters making their final attack for the manowar armor. Aric is reminded why he is not only protecting the Visigoth people but the people of the world. With him back in action with his armor, Unity takes the fight to the Armor Hunters.

I really enjoyed this issue and it was exciting to see the Unity team in action. The writing from Robert Venditti is amazing and the dialogue is really top notch. The dynamics of knowing that if all else fails for the armor hunters there’s nothing to go back to if they fail.The action is really stellar as well. with destruction on each page and the battle between Unity and the Armor hunters was really great. The art has definitely been on point with the various armor hunters that have been presented to us throughout this event. The line work is really good and the character designs are something different that I’ve seen. The colors were nice to see as well with each characters and scene shown with very unique colors for each. My only gripe that I have is the ending of Armor Hunters seemed very short. I wanted to see more from Unity defeating the Armor Hunters but its over quickly and it just felt like there could of been a little more there to finish the event off with a bang.

Saga 23
Writer: Brian K Vaughn
Artist: Fiona Staples
Reviewer: Alex Krefetz

At the risk of heresy, I wasn’t a huge fan of the last few issues of Saga. I was glad to see a jump forward in time, and each issue had segments that were exciting, but it seemed the cast had been stretched thin and the focus seemed to be on Marko and Alana fighting. In this issue, Vaughn and Staples delivered a tightly plotted and exciting story that reminded me why so many consider this to be one of the best ongoing comics currently.

This arc has focused on Marko and Alana’s relationship in a new setting. No longer on the run, the two are taking a crack at a normal (well, as normal as possible in the Saga universe) life with Alana working and Marko spending time with his daughter. There’s been a lot of tension between the two on various aspects of their relationships, and some of the conversations and arguments they’ve had are very realistic and hit close to home. In the background, we’ve seen Prince Robot the IV’s life crumble around him as he continues to lose loved ones and become more unhinged after the kidnapping of his son by the rebel Dengo. Focusing on fewer characters seems to work well for this issue; instead of taking asides to visit other characters that may have nothing to do with the main plot, all the interactions here matter to the characters featured in this issue. It’s exciting to see them acting alone, and when they come together.

Fiona Staples continues to create great visuals from pencils to colors. The last few issues felt somewhat rushed and unpolished to me, but everything seems back to normal in this issue. The colors in particular really pop off the page and make for an exciting and vibrant read. It’s also great to see how these characters progress through time in the story. The time-skip aged up everyone, and it’s good to see that everyone does look slightly older or wearier. Even in the course of one issue, there are noticeable changes in characters.

Just like every issue before it, the last page is sure to get you excited about next month’s installment. For someone whose interest in the story was faltering, this issue was the kick in the shorts I needed to get back on track.


5 TV heads out of 5

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