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Toys in our Nation’s Capitol

One of the greatest things about some action figures is when they are done right, it’s hard to tell the figure from the actual people that play them.  Couple that with an outdoor setting and the illusion becomes all too real.   These pictures were shot this year in various parts of Washington DC so the backgrounds are real.   The characters in them are not.


The Superior Spider-man makes his way through the Gallaudet University area

The Man of Steel keeps a close watch over the Capitol

Ezio seeks his target at the National Cathedral

Captain America Honors American Soliders at the USMC Memorial

Iron Patriot visits the Capital



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  1. I will do you one better. If you think you got talent, why don’t you submit three photos of your work for publishing and let’s see what the public has to say about your work, hmmm?



  2. Then next time try saying that than sounding like a pure jerk and it would be taken better. Have a nice day.


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