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Destiny: A First Look

by Aitch Cee

Destiny, by Bungie, one of the most anticipated games in the last year has finally been released and gamers have been all over this game. The game has already made $500 million since its release and is poised to be one of the biggest game releases ever.

But the question is, how is it? Yours truly picked his up this week and here is my first impression:

Destiny in my opinion, is a slow burn and almost typical of any MMO. The opening levels are a bit slow and almost generic for a shooter but as you venture forward and start earning your levels and perks, the game gets much better. As far as the AI enemies are concerned, one can see there is a difference with how they react to you, where some will blindly throw themselves forward to try and kill you to some that can actually anticipate your shots and move out of the way.

Control-wise if you played any FPS, you will be right at home with playing this game and you can tweak the controls to fit where you want it.

Graphically, this game is gorgeous (I am playing on an Xbox One by the way) with vivid looking vistas and dark dank rusted buildings. My only small gripe in games of this sort is the fact that none of the environments are destructible  but I guess when you have a game where other people are playing, it won’t be but, oh well.  At times the environment can feel rather empty in the early going but respawns for enemies happens rather quickly.

One of the things that did impress me is that in this game you do have a variety of missions to choose from and you can choose to solo or play co-op with a fire team. Playing solo in many cases will leave you to approach some objectives differently as trying to John Wayne your way through will get you killed very quickly. And since levels aren’t instanced where it’s just you and you party, there are many times you will run across other parties heading for the same objectives and you can kind of tag along with them.

Another plus is that this game also has a Borderlands-like vibe to it as you go along in your travels you can find loot that you can use from drops and boxes and of course if you are lucky you can find something that is rare. But the loot system could be better as loot drops are far and few in between especially after you have killed a big boss.

So far, I haven’t seen too many downsides outside of the fact that I think the waypoint system and mapping could be more concise as occasionally you may find yourself wandering trying to find out what to do next. Another small gripe is as you find new goods sometimes it’s not exactly clear what they are supposed to do until you use it and by then it’s too late to get rid of it. And although it’s great that Bungie wanted Peter Dinklage’s voice in the game, to be honest after a while, it gets annoying because truth be told, he sounds bored.

Also of course if you don’t want to do the single player campaign, once you hit a certain level, you are eligible to do the multiplayer portion of the game and your levels for that carry back over into the single player game and vice versa and also if you sign up for bounties you can use them in multiplayer as well.

So, is this game worth the hype? In my opinion, yes and worth a bigger hype than Titanfall but still has much to live up to coming out of Halo’s massive shadow. This is one of the few games that plays online which is single player and multiplayer friendly, doesn’t always push you to playing against opponents and doesn’t hold your hand either. Just because you are a higher level doesn’t always mean you will beat lower level creatures.  All in all, Bungie has tried to take the best of Halo, Borderlands and World of Warcraft and stuff it into one game and so far, it’s does just enough to get by.

On a scale of 1 to 5, Destiny gets a 3.

Below are some other brief comments from other gamers playing Destiny

Kenneth E – PS3


I like the size of area during missions. Spent a lot of time just jumping around getting the lay of the land

Deep customization options for players.

You can repeat missions and change the mission structures. Instead of level 3 mission you can make it level 6


It feels like it’s a big world but nothing to do in it.

It tried to be a lot of different games at once but doesn’t quite pull it off properly. For instance, there is looting but it needs a lot more of it.

I can’t tell what the story is about. Too convoluted to follow. Wizards and ghosts, the Fallen? Really? Sounds much like The Flood.

Horrible mention

Does anybody know when you can use the vehicles???

They just throw you out there with no real direction. I mean I didn’t even know I could collect plants until 3 missions in. How does the currency system work?

All in all it’s not a bad game just hyped to the point that it’ll never live up to it.

John M – Xbox One


The graphics are awesome with nice attention to detail; you can see your legs when you look down!

It was easy how you could jump into a fire team with a friend

Some of the weapon pickups after missions are great


You can’t pick up enemy weapons

You can’t steal items a la other open world games (e.g. Elder Scrolls)

The three currencies in the game are kind of annoying.

Tommy S – PS4


The levels are beautiful and wide open

The Gunplay is solid

Solo missions are done well but it plays better with friends


Can get a bit repetitive and grindy

Requires a lot of hard drive space

Multiplayer matchmaking could be better

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  1. Great review, I may just try this game one day once the hype goes down and I can actually get it off of Gamefly. Really disappointed that it doesn’t have local co-op. That is the only reason I’m not purchasing this title. Can’t wait to play one day!


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