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Cosplay Spotlight: Eric “The Smoke” Moran!!!!!!


Where are you from originally or reside currently: Philadelphia, PA.

How long you have been cosplaying: Before it was called cosplay

Other Characters cosplayed: There are so many that I lost count

Website or facebook fan page FB The Smoke;Instagram; THESMOKE007; Youtube; THESMOKE007; Twitter; THESMOKE000
1. What was your inspiration to get into cosplay?
Since I was 4 years old my oldest brother got me into comics and sci-fi. I felt then when you wore a costume, it was something very noble and heroic. That followed me into becoming a Marine , to becoming a pro-wrestler. It was these things that made me become a cosplayer, even before the name cosplay became popular

2. How would you say that your acting and wrestling skills influence character you cosplay as well as your fan films?

As an actor and a pro-wrestler I got to be different characters, to step out of my everyday life and to have fun. I use those skills as an actor and pro-wrestler in my cosplay and in my fan films.

3. Tell people a bit about Together Brothers and how cosplaying has allowed you to make your fan films?

Together Brothers Productions is a group of well-respected talented cosplayers that produce, write, direct; act etc. to make our idea fan-films. Right now we have over 10 films and three ongoing web series running or that are in production.


4. What is your stance on people of color cosplaying (and acting) characters reserved primarily dominated by non-black, males?

I think it’s fantastic that we don’t limit ourselves as cosplayers. I cosplay characters THAT I LIKE!! There is no rule book in cosplay that says you can only cosplay characters in you color, age, size or gender. To me, skies the limit in cosplay.
Bonus: I love going to schools inspiring kids as Batman, Ironman, etc and give them hope . Kids are going to get into costumes because they are kids, it’s when they get older and what kind of example they lead onto others.

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