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…and a Star Wars villain too?


star warsII

Hot on the heels of possible storm trooper sightings, claims that they have info of a new villain and the clue is in the photo. Allegedly, the note is from JJ Abrams.


The site wrote:

    “As had been rumored, they will be Inquisitors, connected to the characters to be introduced in Star Wars: Rebels (although my source says the word ‘Inquisitor’ has not been used on set, so maybe they’ll be called something else in the movie). But there’s more, and I can fill in the blanks.

    “There’s a main Inquistor [sic] villain (I don’t know his name) Want to know what he looks like?

    “He wears a black robe. His eyes are deep red. And half of his face is metal. He’s a cyborg. That was his hand in the picture JJ Abrams shared with the note about A Force For Change.”

Stay Tuned for more as it comes out.

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