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We Remember Robin WIlliams

From Jon Wolk

I am gobsmacked by the news of the passing of Robin Williams. He was an ever present character, on television and in movies, in my life since I was a child. From Mork and Mindy, to Comic Relief, Good Morning Vietnam to The Adventures of Baron Munchausen he made me laugh so many times. Death to Smoochy was amazing. It was his “The King of Comedy”. His dramatic roles had some great moments and deep impact on me as well, in films such as Dead Poets Society, One Hour Photo, and Lee Daniels the Butler, with an Oscar for his performance in Good Will Hunting.

His apparent suicide after a life long battle with depression and addiction is a sad and shocking end to someone I, and so many others, so associate with laughter and happiness. His quick wit, amazing gift for improvisation, and joyous energy on stage belied the dark demons he carried with him, and the demons ultimately won. To many he was an acquired taste, and I acquired it early. I still enjoy his turn in Popeye as one of my guilty pleasures. His voice-over work in films such as Aladdin, Happy Feet, and Robots were always welcome and fun. He seemed like the “Wacky Uncle” I always wanted. His loss will be felt in many directions, and with the negative reactions to the recent announcement of Mrs. Doubtfire 2 (seriously) and the quick cancellation of his series The Crazy Ones, perhaps it was just too much. I do not know, but I am sure he would have some quick, crazy, joke he would tell us about it.


From Harry Cee

I am just as stunned as well to hear of his passing. While I was never really a fan of his, he was unquestionably a legend of comedy and also a politically conscious activist. This is really sad considering that he made a return to TV with The Crazy Ones on CBS and even though it was cancelled I was also looking forward to the newest Night at the Museum movie that was coming this Christmas. While his comedy was very kinetic, his social commentary through it at times reminded me also of another late great, George carlin

As Jon said, if nothing else he had a great gift for improv and he was an acquired taste.  Even though I was never into him as much as Jon was, I did find myself enjoying roles in which he played more serious characters including Insomnia,  the aforementioned One Hour Photo and if anyone remembers, the appearance he made on Law and Order. If there ever was a loss suffered tonight in the land of film, his will be a tremendous one.

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