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Cosplay Spotlight: Tia P. !!


Brief bio: I’m an independent filmmaker and digital effects creator with my own production company called Visual Image Production Studios, Inc.…and of course cosplayer.

Where are you from originally or reside currently: Born and raised in DC now residing just outside it.

How long have you been cosplaying: 6 years

Other characters cosplayed: Sith Lord/Sith Witch Lady Fatale, Storm, Scarlet Witch, Black Bat, Apocalypse, Noob Saibot, Poison Ivy, Black Lantern Storm, Catwoman

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  1. What’s the best part of cosplay for you?

The best part of cosplay for me is figuring out how to take a character I like and develop a costume that combines some or all elements of that characters various costumes and creating something that works for my body type and also has some personal touches to make it unique to me in some way. I love breaking down the characters signature look and building it back up. I can spend hours online searching for just the right piece I need or finding the right fabric to give to the seamstress who helps me put it all together.


  1. What has been your favorite Genre to cosplay between comics and sci fi?

As the films I’m currently working on show I am a sci-fi girl at heart but it seems my love of comics has so far won out more often when it comes to cosplay. There is something so special about seeing the vibrant colors of a comic character’s costume recreated into a wearable costume. Plus being a lifelong X-Men fan I can’t resist trying to cosplay as many of them as I possibly can.

  1. What has been one of the most difficult costumes to assemble and why?

I would say that the most difficult costume to assemble is probably the Whiplash costume I’m currently working on. I’m taking elements of the character that appeared in Iron Man 2 and combining it with the Thunderbolts Earth-616 version plus a few of my own touches to create a new version of the character. The costume I’m making will have armor made of EVA foam, worbla, clear pvc piping, about 6-8 EL wire controllers, and various other materials. It’s my first solo attempt at making armor and working with electronics in a costume so I’m excited about it. I plan on debuting my costume at this year’s Dragon*Con and may also wear it at Baltimore Comic Con.


  1. What are the challenges of being a Black woman who cosplays?

I would say that probably the biggest challenge of being a Black woman who cosplays is the feeling that, at least in the mainstream world, I’m invisible. That I’m either not considered relevant enough or desired enough to be seen in that light or even that I don’t exist at all. There is also the challenge of trying to determine whether or not I should “stay in my lane” so to speak in terms of the types of characters I should even attempt to cosplay. A bad experience I had near the start of my cosplaying life regarding a costume I’d done that was good enough in quality but because I didn’t “look” like the character I wasn’t good enough to be seen at an “official” event. That moment soured me on cosplay for a while because it had me thinking that maybe this was something where someone like me was not wanted and even if I continued I probably should stick with those characters that were also Black. Fortunately the people I was around at the time showed me differently and I eventually decided that I’ll do as I normally do and that’s cosplay whoever I choose to because there will always be those small minded folks who will feel as they do but I have no intentions of letting that interfere with something I love doing.

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