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Ghostbusters with an all female cast? Who would you pick?

It’s been rumored for years that a Ghostbusters 3 movie was coming but as time goes on it has looked less and less of a possibility. The closest we got was an excellent Ghostbuster game that came out in 2009 which gave us a ray of hope to reviving this franchise. However, that was dashed earlier this year when one of the principle actors, Harold Ramis, passed.

Many fans are still wondering however, if there is a new movie will it be a 3rd movie with the old cast passing the torch to a new cast or if it would be a reboot.   A bit of news on Monday puts a new spin on what may (or may not)  happen.

The Hollywood Reporter dropped a line that Paul Feig , who directed The Heat and Bridesmaids will direct the next movie and the rumor would be that he may go for an all-female cast.

Now before heads start to explode, think of how brilliant a movie that could be!

If Feig plays it right and brings in some of the Saturday Night Live alum, would it be hard to imagine some funny ladies busting ghosts?

If I could have a dream cast for a re-boot it would look something like this:

Tina Fey would be the no-nonsense kick butt type. She has always believed in the beyond especially after her parents died in ‘that terrible plane accident’. Was committed once and nobody believes her until others starts to see ghosts manifesting. Still a little crazy.

Amy Poehler would be your scaredy cat, “don’t believe it until you see it” type and best friends (of course) with Fey. Actually was one of the people that got Fey committed. Has her first ghost experience and blammo…she is still terrified. Eventually she will get over her fear.

Aubrey Plaza would be the level, rational type of the group able to explain things but ghosts ups the ante for her.

Somehow I would avoid using Maya Rudolph and use Regina Hall. She would be the genius of the group as well as a bit ‘hood’. Think of her as a combination of Egon and Zeddmore. Don’t think she can pull off funny? Watch Scary Movie again.

My villain… Bill Hader…hehehe

But, who would do the soundtrack?

So, if you could pick an all-female cast who would you pick?

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