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I Survived Sharknado 2 and it wasn’t Half Bad! Review #Sharknado2

SavedPicture-20148416046.jpgI had not seen the original Sharknado before my impromptu viewing of its sequel Sharknado 2 : The Second One. It has been on my Netflix list for months now with no real motivation to watch it. I arrived 15 min early to my viewing of the sequel to catch the last 15 minutes of the original. If the whole movie is anything like the last 15 minutes, than I thank my stars and garters that didn’t see the whole thing. It was probably the most over acted 15 minute segment of film that I have seen in a long time (and that is saying a lot). As you can imagine, this impression did not bold well for my assumptions going into watching Sharknado 2.

As the movie began, I was pleasantly surprised that is successfully parodied the both the classic Twilight Zone episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” and Airplane with a spot on cameo by Robert Hays. These parodies and seeing the annoying Kelly Osborne get her head bitten off by a shark all in the first 10 minutes gave me the impression that it would be a delightfully mindless guilty pleasure for the next 2 hours of my life. Boy was I not disappointed!

SavedPicture-201484153618.jpgLets be real about it, Sharknado 2 is a ludicrous mess that is just fun to watch. It is riddled with cameos from the likes of Biz Markie, Al Roker and Matt Lauer (who were the best actors in the film), Judd Hirsh (who ironically played a Taxi driver), Sandra “Peppa” Denton, Will Wheaton, and just too many players to name. These cameos rounded out a main cast that included Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath, and the returning Tara Reid (who still can’t act) and Ian Ziering (who did everything in his power to channel his inner Steve Sanders  while battling flying sharks).

SavedPicture-201484153623.jpgAfter all was said and done, Sharknado 2 was just plain stupid fun. It was simply a cameo heavy, silly shark infested romp through the streets of New York. It had me laughing from beginning to end. If Sharknado 3 is half as fun as the second one, then you can count me in.







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