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Appleseed Alpha(α) Review

I remember ten years ago when Appleseed came out, I was so blown away with the visuals that it was hard to imagine being able to get more quality animated features such as this one. And this was shortly before Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children arrived on the scene in 2005. With the release of Appleseed Alpha, Sony Pictures raises the bar on what a good CGI film can look like. Where the first film was a combination of CGI and cel-shading animation, this movie is all CGI and very intricate and detailed at that. In many ways, the details are very photorealistic and not static as we are used to seeing even in video gaming cut scenes. To sidebar a bit, with all the issues that DC Comics and Warner Brothers has with getting a Justice League movie out, I wonder why they don’t look at a film like this and do it in that similar style. If they throw enough money at Dreamworks studio, they would do it…right?

Moving right along it’s fair warn you now that even though this film is coming out 10 years after the first, this is a prequel to that one.

The plot of the story is Deunan and Briareos are living in a post- World War society which has devastated much of the planet. They are hired guns of a cyborg by the name of 2 horns in post-apocalyptic New York and they are both barely getting by as Two Horns does what he can to keep Briareos in a constant state of needing maintenance.

After their last mission goes up in smoke, the two attempt to do one last job for Two Horns and then push off to find a better life for themselves. While in process of completing their mission, they run across Olson and Iris from Olympus, the fabled Utopian society that many strive to get to. Olson and Iris have a way to save the world but are pursued by Talos and two Horns and it’s up to Deunan and Briareos to stop them. In other words, “Save the girl, save the world.”

Ok, so it’s not the deepest plot in the world but you will get the most out of this movie visually. The voice acting of Deunan Knute (Luci Christian) and Briareos Hecatonchires (David Matranga) is still a quality work as the main protagonists of the film. I don’t quite feel like I was surprised by any plot points in the movie as it almost felt like it was a point A kind of movie as the focus here is more of a trust issue rather than getting into a deeper issue of human clones and cyber-organisms like the first one did. So, it’s succinct to say that your miles may vary what you get out of it. I thought that this film held a very good pace, and it doesn’t get too bogged down into pseudo-science mumbo jumbo and it has enough action to keep your attention.

Meh on the plot but very visually stunning.

3 out of 5 stars

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