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Did the Walking Dead finale survive your scrutiny?




As to be evidenced below, many people had very differing reactions to last night’s Walking Dead Season Finale. To be honest I think my reaction is a combination of some of the few. This show as well as the comic itself has been a pot on slow boil for years and last night’s finale was no different. Where last year’s finale went out with guns blazing and resulting in the death of Andrea thus really making the Walking Dead take  a big swerve from the comic, last night was a study of character development and growth as we saw through the flashbacks of Rick with Herschel as he imparted wisdom of what it meant to be a family. When Rick and Michonne run across a gang that left their odds of survival at zero, Rick showed what it meant to be able to survive all odds to protect those he considered family. We also got to see what he really thought of Daryl and even more to the point, a little light was shed upon Daryl that though all the toughness, he appreciates family especially with what happened to Meryl. We are finally shown a long glimpse of what Terminus is and who occupies Terminus and in yet another deviation from the comics, we may find out if the inhabitants (hereby coined “Termites”) are or aren’t cannibals and if Rick and company are the next meal. Your reactions to last night’s finale will vary on how you felt about the entire show; was it too slow and not enough action, was it too heavy on the flashbacks or did it do enough to keep you guessing until the fall and of course unaccounted for is Tyrese, Carol and Beth. My bet is that Carol winds up saving Rick from Terminus. Another unresolved storyline will be once if or when Rick and company make it past Terminus, how will he deal with all of the newcomers especially since one was involved with the Governor destroying the prison. So ask yourselves, how much does the Walking Dead have left in the tank and in the meantime below, here are the reactions to last night’s finale summed up in one word.

Earl – Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Camille – Bullshit
Jose -Tense
Duane – ok
Peter – Bleak
Andrea – Pffth!!
Maki – Wow
Paul – Bites
Brandon – bastards……
Alita – Disappointment
Adam – Chewy
Michael – Meaty
David – Pass
Christie – “disappointing.”
David – Intense
Tystarr – Wild
Marc – Rushed
Cee – unsatisfying
Leigh – Kickass!
Victoria – 4REAL!!
Hooks – Pudding.
Andrew – Awesome
Galen – Cliffhanger.
William – Zzzzzz…..


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