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The Next Issue Comic reviews – 3/26/14

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Superman #29

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Ed Benes & Jonathan Glapion
Reviewer: Aitch Cee

It’s almost a shame that one of the flagship titles and characters of the DC universe has been through so many hands in just over 2 years. Also in my opinion, Action Comics and Superman Unchained are better Superman titles that this one. While I am not particularly fond of John Romita, Jr’s art, I am looking forward to Geoff Johns writing and it can’t happen too soon.
The only thing I even halfway liked about this book was the art. Ed Benes was a step up from Brett Booth in the art department but then of course since Starfire is in it, more work was put into her and her…assets. And yes, she is in her ‘new’ costume. Outside of that, the story and dialogue itself was just so very corny as Starfire and Superman attempt to deal with a Daemonite invasion of the Earth and I nearly needed an ER trip as I rolled my eyes so many times trying to get through this book. I did find it kind of funny however that Superman instead of trying to smash his way through everything (something that Starfire does point out to them), he wants to try to find an alternative but it’s just so contrived in this book that I felt like Starfire was probably the wrong character to be that voice of un-reason. Honestly, skip this book until the teams change and hopefully the quality will right itself.

2 out of 5 stars
All New Ghost Rider #1

Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colorists: Val Staples & Nelson Daniel
Reviewer: Ray Willis

The “Spirit of Vengeance” rides again in this new tale featuring Robbie Reyes. After the many incarnations of the Ghost Rider from Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, and Alejandra, we get to see Robbie Reyes become the “Spirit of Vengeance”. The story takes us to California, a trend that’s going on with Marvel that has moved a few characters like Daredevil and The Punisher out west to a different setting for the characters. The story is a simple one at that for a first issue giving the details of who Robbie Reyes is and his current life with his brother. He wants to get out of his neighborhood and have a better life with his brother. The only way to get out is of course street racing which he does and becomes the new “Spirit of Vengeance”. I won’t spoil how he became the rider towards the end, you’ll have to read that for yourself.

I loved the art in this first issue of the new series. The colors really pop when the things get really heated and the characters are really drawn really differently than some. The characters look very lanky and slender for thinner characters while the bigger characters are more wide with good detail. Also Ghost Riders new look is an interesting take because his skull reminds me of a hollow in Bleach but its more like the helmet itself is fused with Robbie when he transforms. I’m not expert in art but I did really enjoy the look. Also I’m cool with Ghost Rider having a car after being on a motorcycle for decades. The change up is really interesting to see and it would have been cooler to see Ghost Rider transform any vehicle he touches to a tricked out version of himself with flames and such. Having a new mode of transportation is cool but giving the rider more control would be more interesting. The dialog is pretty weird at times which made have to re-read certain portions over again but it was a minor issue which can be improved upon next.

I really enjoyed this issue even though it was bit short but it was really good start to the new series. The art was good and story was really basic. The new changes to the character are a nice touch and characters designs were a nice change of pace. I’ll definitely pick up the next issue to see what becomes of Robbie Reyes in the Marvel universe and I wonder if Johnny Blaze will make an appearance since he still has his powers. Get ready and put the pedal to the medal because the new Ghost Rider is here and he’s going full speed.

4 out of 5
Sandman Overture #2

Writer: Neil Gaiman
Artist: J.H. WIlliams III

Reviewer: Lee Gordon
Can a series popular in the eighties and nineties make a triumphant come back over twenty years later? Neil Gaiman went on to add children’s books, novels, and a couple of Doctor Who episodes under his belt. The previous sentence makes his accomplishments seem simplistic. As simplistic as this review is going to be about the latest journey of Dream.

There is no way I can describe Wonderland or Alice’s journey through the looking glass with mere words. Just as there is great difficulty describing how one of the Endless could die. The great thing about dreams is that they can linger and that is why we are revisiting this world again.

The artwork fits very well with the story much like when it was discovered that Peanut Butter and Jelly should be immortalized. It is sad that I can only tantalize you with mere mentions of greatness and not the story itself, but isn’t that the way of dreams. Their soft kiss disappearing from your lips as the dawning day brings you further away from the oblivion that some call little bits of death.

4 out of 5 stars.

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