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American Horror Story: Coven mid season finale – Is the magic gone?


Was it just me, or did this show which was so full of surprises and shocks this season have a very predictable mid-season finale last night?

I am not sure what happened but last night’s show just didn’t have that “wow’  factor of most of the shows this season and it felt like someone just cobbled this episode together.   Even with some of the twists that did occur, I still didn’t feel like some of the reactions from the characters added any flavor to make the twists more meaningful.

Where to start?

Cordelia getting her sight back – I am not sure how I felt about this one.  I thought that the twist of her gaining ‘2nd sight’ after losing her eyes was great for the plot as I really wanted to see how she coped with having that power as I thought there was a lot of potential with her becoming more powerful without normal vision and with Myrtle giving her sight back albeit with 2 different eyes from murdering Quentin and Cecily, it felt more like a botched ret-con job. Even when Fiona comes in later to see Cordelia has her sight back, the ‘shock’ to her didn’t really register to me.  It felt more like, “Wow you can see again!  Ok back to business.”   But then again, nobody reacted when Fiona decided to gain the will to live either, so I guess that and the eyes negated each other out. And let’s not forget that old trope, that once she gets her sight back she loses her powers and really, who didn’t ‘see’ that coming?

Luke reveals to Joan about his father’s death – Sort of a mixed bag in how this was handled.  With all of the people that have died and come back this episode (Madison, Myrtle, and Joan) I am kind of at odds at how Joan reacted when the girls entered the hospital to see Luke.   Joan, you JUST got blasted by a gun and resurrected and being the pious woman that you are, you aren’t freaked out about it on some level?  Ok sure, you and Nan have a good moment but, seriously?   I would think that somewhere along the line that the story writers should have Joan’s character questioning her faith but, I guess I thought wrong.  Then, Luke through Nan reveals that he now knows the truth about his father’s death and tada!  We now know that Luke will die because as anyone knows once a secret is out, the person that knows it, won’t last long. And come on, let’s be real, Dad kind of brought that murder upon himself.  Luke seriously, Dad was womanizing when Mom walked in on them so you can’t put all that on her. And sure enough he gets a pillow to the face for his troubles JUST as he was coming out of his coma.  I got money that says no medical staff will plainly see he was suffocated to death.

The Beheaded Delphine gets soul – I am at odds with this storyline in the show because  when Queenie decides to go D.R.O.P. squad on Delphine forcing her to watch black film, you can almost feel in the back of your head that somehow, this won’t end well.  And yes surely enough, when Queenie finds herself at the wrong end of a gun, again to me, you can just kind of sense the predictability that  this would be THE  moment Delphine has her epiphany. And of course  right when the person teaching her the lesson dies. And here is a plot hole also, as Hank is shooting up the salon downstairs, you mean to tell me that Delphine heard not ONE gunshot?

Now that’s not to say that some of these characters can’t come back  but at the same time the resurrection trope has been used too often this season so it’s a damned if they do, damned if they don’t proposition.  As good as this show has been all season, I was disappointed how this episode presented itself.

2 stars out of 5

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