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Aitch’s Next Issue Comic reviews week of 8/28/2013



Out of so many choices this week there are really only 2 books that stand out and they are like night and day.

The New Avengers #9


Usually I hate events crossing over into other books.  I usually hate them with a passion because either cover too much of the story in that book instead of the main book or if it’s a major plot point, it’s in a book that i don’t normally buy, or really, it’s more of a waste of paper with no bearing on the story at all.  This issue is none of that.  Again for anyone that missed my Infinity review, if you have been invested in the Avengers and new Avengers since Jonathan Hickman took over, then you can easily see why and how this book integrates itself right into the overall story without feeling like its been shoehorned in or a waste of space.  We get to see in this issue how Atlantis and Wakanda won’t cease hostilities against each other in the face of a greater threat and Namor uses that greater threat to his advantage. We also see the ends  that Thanos will go to, to regain the Infinity Gems even in the face of the fact that they may be truly lost, he will stop at nothing to get them.  As with a few other books that have been out in this storyline, you can really feel that Earth (and the universe)  is not only on the defensive but but backpedaling with no way out and one can only wonder what it is that Black Bolt has up his sleeve that may put the universe on the offensive. The biggest plus in this book is how Hickman and Deodato, can juggle so many different scenes (the Jean Grey School, the Sanctum Sanctorum, the skies of New York)  and do it so well without this one issue becoming a huge mess.

5 out of 5 stars

The Justice League 23

Let me preface this by saying, after i read this issue, I discussed this with a few of my friends who asked me, if I didn’t see this coming?  It was all in the interviews and in the Previews guide.  Let me say this to the point.  It’s not enough that we pay 20+ dollars to go to the movies to see big blockbuster films that have already been spoiled but 5 or 6 different trailers so I also like to go into some of these event books when spending 4 bucks a book (by the way anybody remember when DC made it a point to stay at 3 dollars? We knew it wouldn’t last!!) I like to go into it as spoiler-free as possible.  While I was cautiously optimistic that this event could come out a bit better than AvX, this event LIKE AvX, was another excuse to put some of the biggest names in the DC Universe into a blender, mix it up and see what pours out.  So, for 6 issues we have all of these characters chasing their tails over Pandora’s (who is not written to be the sharpest knife in the drawer BTW. Not her fault though) Box to only at the end of all things, have it conclude with The Crime Syndicate showing up at the end.   Really?   I mean all this build up of an Evil Force and here I am looking for DarkSeid and his minions to show up and this is what we get?  Dark Avengers anyone?  So realistically speaking, this book could have been paired down into 3 books but think with all the splash pages showing the unneeded carnage is probably why this dragged out the way that it did.  What was interesting to note however was the creation of Grid, how Superman got Kryptonite brain cancer and nobody recognized the symptoms for the whole run and …Sea King.  Yes, it happened, get over it and of course Atom.   Her betrayal was almost a bad attempt at watching a WWE (WWF to you older more knowledgeable fans out there) heel turn and it’s almost hard for me to see that no one in either JL camp saw it coming.  The one saving grace however is any question you needed answered was done so here, so there is that…but wait.  Why is bats and Supes  still fighting over Wonder Woman like she is the ultimate booty prize?   I’m just sayin’.

Next Month begins Forever Evil…and depending on how this goes, I just may take a break from DC comics for awhile too.

2.5 out of 5 stars just on sheer ratchetness alone.



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