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Summer 2013 Movies: Winding Down

Ok so we  are now in August and the bulk of the big releases are behind us.  A few months ago, these were the movies that we made predictions on for big summer releases.  How did we do?

The 2 Must See

Iron Man 3 – Ok so the Mandarin was a bit of a let down and the endgame didn’t really showcase Don Cheadle as War machine / Iron Patriot but otherwise the last chapter of this story arc was entertaining enough to make it through until the build up of the next Avengers movie.

Bluray purchase – Maybe

Rental- Sure

Bootleg – nah

Star Trek – Into Darkness   So this movie was this generation’s version of Wrath of Khan and because we stayed in the darkness (heh!) on the finer plot points we were surprised about that little plot twist.  Depending on who you are you either enjoyed what Abrams did with this 2nd outing or you didn’t.  There were enough nods to the older film that for us it was enjoyable.

Bluray purchase -Yup

Rental- Sure

Bootleg – nope you want the bells and whistles

These next 2 were classified as “Wait til the Crowd Dies Down” and then go see it

Man of Steel –  We actually enjoyed this a lot more than we expected but yeah there was some disappointed in the overall execution of developing the character.  And no we weren’t among those bitching about the 9/11 times 10,000 although to many that seemed to be the sore spot.  This movie did cause a lot of stir among those in the comic community and made enough money for DC and WB to fast track the next one.  Snyder may have stumbled out of the gate with this one but this wasn’t a total trainwreck like Superman Returns.

Bluray purchase -Depends on how much you like it

Rental- Most definitely

Bootleg – how grimy are you on this one?

Oblivion –    At the time the article was written this was just being released in theaters.  We missed it in the theaters but caught it as it was just released on blu-ray this week.  It was good but not great and better than Jack Reacher.  Nice twist with Cruise finding out that he’s not exactly his own man.   Good popcorn flick expecially with how it works your surround sound system.

Bluray purchase – Good Cruise purchase if you like him

Rental- Most definitely

Bootleg – how grimy are you on this one?

The next 2 we called sleepers

The Great Gatsby – SSSSNNNNOOooooooooorrreeee…wait why was this in 3D?  ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Bluray purchase – If you have trouble sleeping and have money to burn

Rental- If you have trouble sleeping and don’t have as much money to burn

Bootleg – You will probably fall asleep by the time the torrent downloads

Pacific Rim – One of the best action films this summer. Ok sure the story was threadbare but we came to see the robots and monsters fight and it did not disappoint. If you missed it, then you may as well wait for the release on bluray

Bluray purchase – For sure

Rental- Only if you are not 100% sold

Bootleg – REALLY, how grimy are you on this one?

These movies sucked balls so bad that all we can tell you is unless you really need the bluray, save your money and heck don’t even waste the bandwidth bootlegging these:

The Hangover III – one of the best ‘worst’ comedies in years

After Earth – Will Smith couldn’t save this movie. it wasn’t bad, but it was…bad however on the bright side, at least there wasn’t a stupid twist ending.

The Lone Ranger –    …no words.   Actually, there are words. This movie is similar to the climax – trainwreck

(Kick Ass 2 didn’t make this list because it releases this week, we have no desire to see it.)

We will be back in a few weeks to look at the fall line up!!!

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