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Aitch’s Next Issue Comic reviews week of 6/5/13



Yeah!!  That’s right no Age of Ultron this week!!  You read it, you know what happened it was all Wolverine!!  Meanwhile this happened…


Empowered Special #4  Animal Style


Writer: Adam Warren

Artist/Color: John Staton

Artist/B & W: Adam Warren

An absolute fun read this week.  If you really need something to read to take the edge off this is it.  In this book we find Elissa Megan Powers (EMP) who is moonlighting as a Superhero Security job at an auto show and when thieves calling themselves Animal Style break in for a heist, hilarity ensues.  It’s a really nice touch as EMP flashes back to her education in a tongue in cheek style to stop the baddies. Adam Warren really finds a way to bring forth many of the clichés and tropes we see our ‘capes’ do ordinarily in comics with no conscience of the effects to innocent civilians. What’s even funnier is how each of the villains complain that as they are being beaten up how much it will cost to repair their suits. My one complaint about this however is the amount of scratched out F bombs are dropped throughout the book.  Whatever your target is, either sit on the toilet or flush.  It makes no sense to read a book and if you want to curse throughout you go back out and scratch it out.  Curse or just don’t. The artwork by John Staton (if you are in MD, go to Big Planet Comics to meet him, he’s a great guy!) flows right along with the book. It’s an anime style that fits right in with the action sequences and also John nails it with the facial expressions.  Overall a fun book that anyone will find easy to follow

3 out of 5 stars


Astro City #1


Writer: Kurt Busiek

Artist: Brent Anderson


I will admit that I had some trouble getting into this book as I have never read this series but after reading through it, it makes me want to find earlier volumes and see just what is going on. In this issue The Broken man ( a new character to the series who tries to bring readers in by breaking the 4th wall) seemingly is trying to get a bunch of superheroes to open a door that can’t be opened by conventional means and telling everyone that ‘something is about to happen’.  It took a while to pull me in because as a new reader, I was a bit lost but the curiousity as I stated before, makes me want to go back and find earlier issues and catch up.  The art by brent Anderson is good as it does what it needed to do to keep me interested in the book and it was fun to see how different types of heroes were drawn with a near Silver age theme to them. Overall it’s a good book as I am now curious to find out more and I would suggest you pick this up and find out too.


3 out of 5 stars



Action Comics #21


Writer: Andy Diggle

Artist: Tony Daniel


The bummer of this is, if I remember correctly this is the last book with this team doing the work and in some ways it went out with a whimper but it sure looked like there was some fun to be had. Let’s start with Daniel’s work which was very detailed and very expressive for this book in the fight scenes that Supes has with Luthor, you can almost feel the energy that cracked between them as they battled and that was the high mark of the book. The low mark was with Diggle’s writing I felt like there was still a lot more of Dr. Veritas that we didn’t get to know and that everything just ended a little too soon. If anyone picked up on it there was also some riffs from The Incredibles as Superman fights a monster that adapts too quickly to him…read it and think about it.  Some things in this story arc you just have to roll with. Just be mindful that Man of Steel is due out in the movies next week a new Superman/Batman book is coming as well as a new Superman title.


2.5 out of 5 stars

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