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Looking back at this past gaming generation


E3 is coming and it looks like finally after nearly 8 years, we get some new shiny consoles.  Already the lines are divided between Sony and Microsoft and some attention thrown Nintendo’s way but as we wonder what lies on the horizon, let’s look back at this generation and see what games really stood out. Me and the podcasting crew from Gaming and Then Some took some time out to come up with our own list of our top 5 favorite games and this is what we came up with:



Red Dead Redemption – Not many games could get anyone interested in a Western but when you take the creators of GTA and toss a Western into a sandbox, this is what you get and many are still playing to this very day.

Mass Effect series – say what you want about the ending but a game that lasted over 3 titles (if you had an Xbox of course) and could change based on your decisions saved on your memory card, makes this one of the best of this generation cycle.

Assasins’ Creed – One of the best new IPs of this generation which took stealth and history to whole new levels.

Uncharted series – Best exclusive hands down. If you have an Indiana Jones-ing and a reason why to still pick up a PS3, this will do nicely.

Skyrim – The best sandbox RPG, period.




Mass effect 3
Best ending to a trilogy we’ll get this console generation. It changed the way we play RPG games, gave our actions weight across game(s) not just missions. Amazing story-line for single player and solid multiplayer makes this one of the best games ever.

Metal Gear Solid 4
First game that made me want a PS3, amazing graphics for its time, a quality product. Cut scenes were long but worth it, last scene after the credits made the whole game worth it to me.

Best adventure driven RPG I’ve ever seen, so many missions and and side stories you never felt “done” with the game. It has dragons in it. yeah…dragons.

Halo 3
The shooter that made online multiplayer popular on current gen consoles. Bungie gave us a format that changed the way we play all online FPS forever.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Changed the whole tone of FPS forever, before COD4 it was all World War 2 shooters now its all modern day gritty stories. You dont gotta love the franchise but you got to understand the changed the game.



Braid – I heard about Braid a while ago, but it caught my eye when I was watching Indie Game: the Movie. I was watching the creator Jonathan Blow talks about mechanics and how he wanted them to speak to him and show him what to do with it. I recently played Braid a few weeks ago and wondered what took me so long to do so. This game is amazing. The way that the mechanics that Blow was speaking about and how they are used to go hand in hand with the story is really smart. Also, the reveal at the end of the game puts everything you thought you knew about man saving a princess on its head.

TellTale’s The Walking Dead – This is story telling at its finest. The choices that the Walking Dead gives the player are amazing because it constantly reminds you that there isn’t a way out of this situation. The little victories that you may have in game don’t put a dent in the overall war that is taking place. The thing about the Walking Dead as a zombie game (and a TV show for that matter) is that the zombies are the biggest threat to the human race but they aren’t the main villain in the story. It’s the humans inability to work together and get along is that is the real enemy. People come in to the group that you may get attached to, but they can die in the next chapter just like that. No one is safe in this game, not even you as a main character.

Limbo – This game style is very minimal, but it has a lot to offer. The puzzles are complex, but very simple. I feel real dumb saying this, but I had to look up how to finish the very first puzzle because I didn’t think outside the box. The story in this game has no words to it, yet it is able to speak to you in volumes. The environments are beautiful and moody. This is a game that I will come back to over and over again.

Portal – Portal caught me by surprise. I got the Orange Box through Gamefly mainly to play Half-Life 2. When I played Portal and saw it as a first person puzzle game I thought it was fine the way it was. It wasn’t until the end was when I jaw dropped and it became more than that. When the game gave Glad0s a personality and when it turned from that first person puzzle game to a game about escaping a test chamber.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Original Version) – I know what you’re thinking and I don’t care. N4S: Most Wanted still the best racing game to me and will be for a long time. This was the first game I had for my 360 and I still go back to it from time to time. The customization of the cars, the police chasing you through the city, the really bad FMV, and Razor Callahan, there is no more to be said.



Skyrim – OMG!!!!!! I don’t think I need to rave about this game but I’m going to anyway. I brought it across three platforms. Let me see if I can sum it up in one word…AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Nuff Said.  it’s the Best RPG I have played since Final Fantasy. Dragons, and giants, and bears.. Oh My! Hell the graphics alone kept me playing. The DLC are awesome as well. It took me by surprise because I wasn’t as impressed with Oblivion. How bad did it get? I was driving down K street and saw a shadow…..immediately thought it was a dragon……Nuff Said.

Tomb Raider – Laura finally gets her ass kicked and the game isn’t as easy as the previous Tomb Raider games. Thankful it didn’t have the same feel as the others either.

Halo 4 – A game I can beat my step-son in. Love the graphics over all and the game play.

Diablo III – Kicks ass and I got a chance to play with my sister whom I found out was better at the game than me. Nightmare mode is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Michael Jackson Experience (LOL) – LOVE IT!!!! Watching other people make the moves….Hilarious!!!!!! I’m a dancing machine.


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