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Star Trek Into Darkness Review or how to get the stench of Iron Man 3 out of your mouth!!

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Best way to start this by letting you guys know if you haven’t  done so,now may be a good time to watch Star Trek 2 and 3 and be prepared for a doozy of a film.

J.J. Abrams can teach Michael Bay  lessons on how to blow things up and tell a good story at the same time as well as (re)introduce concepts that we haven’t seen in awhile.

This is a Star Trek movie thru and thru.  The movie opens as Kirk and company break the Prime Directive while trying to save a pre warp civilization.   In doing so, Kirk has to decide which is worth more: Spock or the planet.  (By the way, pay attention as you get to see the Enterprise do something we never saw starships do before!) Oh yeah…You did watch Star Trek II right?   Which concept did we hit on here?  GOOOOOOD!  You remember! Spock and Uhura fight. Kirk and Scotty fight…hell almost everyone here has a fight because they are family and again if you paid any attention to ST:WoK you would see that Abrams did his homework.

Meantime on Earth a secret facility is destroyed and as Starfleet mobilizes to apprehend the threat, more and more secrets starts to spill out as Kirk and crew chase after the mystery man who cripples Starfleet command.

At any rate, Star Trek Into Darkness for Star Trek fans hits so many good notes that it’s hard to walk away thinking that this didn’t outdo the first one.  The banter is still there as the cast have matured into their roles. Pine and Quinto really gel as counterparts trying to firmly establish their friendship.  Karl Urban eerily channels DeForest Kelley again and Benedict Cumberbatch as Harrison is OM gerd…And yes, Roboco eerrrrmmm Peter Weller as Admiral Marcus takes the evil warmongering to new heights.  And no, there is NO TYLER PERRY! Also for once they let Zoe Zaldano as Uhura do her dayum jerb!!!

(BTW if you don’t geek out as Sulu takes the center chair, then there is something deficient about you.)

But there is so much more to this movie than Kirk and crew learning the concepts of friendship.  One of the secrets is a plot by Starfleet going on to prepare for the impending war with the Klingons (who we also get to see) building a dreadnought class starship  (taking cues from the Excelsior) and yes,  someone yells  KHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. There’s backroom wheeling and dealing, double crosses on top of double crosses especially with Admiral Marcus trying to start a war and I loved every moment of it.

This movie is very well paced and as soon as it starts to slow down, it picks up again and it’s hard for anyone to be bored with this movie.

Hands down I was very impressed with this second installment and this movie makes me feel like the Star Wars genre could be safe in Abrams’ hands.

This is the movie with the right mix of what we were looking for and it hits it out of the park as it takes many nods from the old and mixes it with the new and I smiled at every moment that I could remember and if you are a fan you will too.

For instance, see if you remember why Carol Marcus was so significant to Kirk.

5 out of 5 stars and I will be going to see this again!!!

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