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Review Brew: ‘Incursion’ #1

February 6, 2019 // 0 Comments

As America and the world rebuild after the events of Harbinger Wars II, a new threat has begun to emerge. This new threat lead by the sinister Imperatrix Virago who is a necromancer that feeds on an entire planet's ecosystem. Her goal is to take over Earth and feed on the ecosystem as well as terraform the planet. While Virago makes her way to Earth using the Deadside as a gateway, the Eternal Warrior is looking after and training a young Geomancer to protect the planet. Gilad and his charge are attacked by Virago's army and Gilad ends up being victorious but that victory comes at a terrible cost. [...]

Review Brew: ‘Livewire’ #2

January 23, 2019 // 0 Comments

Amanda McKee aka Livewire has been captured by military contractors and taken to an unknown facility. During her time as a "guest" at the facility, Livewire is implanted with a chip at the base of her brain. The chips function is to shut her powers down and feed off of the electricity of the brain. Amanda finds a way to escape but doesn't know where to go or who to turn to. [...]

Review Brew: ‘Naomi’ #1

January 23, 2019 // 0 Comments

The second series in the new DC Comics imprint Wonder Comics has arrived with Naomi #1. In this book, Superman flies into town fighting Mongul and causes massive destruction before he leaves. Naomi's friends witness the event but Namoi herself misses it. The next day she sees that Superman is back to help clean up but as soon as she shows up, he leaves again. Naomi is confused as to why Superman showed up in the first place, so she decides to launch an investigation to see if other super powered events have happened in the past. [...]

Review Brew: ‘Faith: Dreamside’ #4

January 9, 2019 // 0 Comments

The final battle is here as Faith and Dr. Mirage battle Belu in Faith: Dreamside #4. Belu is attacking and is using the things that Faith and Dr. Mirage fear most against them. For Faith it's her fear of continuing to be a super hero after all of the bad things that have happened in her life. Dr. Mirage's fear is having the spirit of her dead husband leave her for good which would cause her to be alone. It's up to both of them to overcome their fears and work together to stop Belu and rescue Animala from the Dreamside. [...]

Review Brew: ‘Archie’ #701

January 2, 2019 // 0 Comments

There are a couple of different stories going on in Archie #701, the main plot involves the possible murder of the editor of Riverdale's newspaper. Jughead shows up at the office and discovers that it is trashed and there is blood on the floor. The police arrive and begin to question Jughead. The plot involving Archie sees him and his new girlfriend talking about how they want to keep things about their relationship quiet in the upcoming year. Who is Archie's new girlfriend? You have to read it to find out. The Betty and Veronica story is linked to the Jughead one where they come to his defense. So much is going on in Riverdale and Archie and his friends will never be the same. [...]

Review Brew: ‘Batman: Damned’ #2

December 12, 2018 // 0 Comments

Batman and Constantine have teamed up to investigate the murder of the Joker. Their investigation leads them to an underground nightclub in Gotham. Constantine reveals to Batman that he has a source in the club that might have information on what really happened to the Joker. Batman enters the club only to discover that the source is Etrigan The Demon Knight. Etrigan performs at the club as a rapper and has a huge influence on the crowd. Meanwhile, Gotham is attacked by the "Joker" and Batman races to the top of the GCPD building for answers. [...]