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AV Brew: Fast X

It isn't Shakespeare....but it doesnt have to be!

Fast X is exactly what you think it is, a fun summertime popcorn movie.

Having watched the latest adventures of Dominic Toretto and his family I’m left with one question. Has anyone ever jumped the shark and thrived as much as this franchise has? As I’m sure you know that we have left the street racing and heists from the early films and now the franchise feels like a Bond movie with a large assemble cast. If you come to Fast X expecting a profound discussion on the challenges of human existence this isn’t your movie. But if your willing to suspend your disbelief, and accept what your seeing there is real heart and fun in this film and Fast X proves itself to be a great summertime action movie. 

Family continues to be at the core of this film and really its the film’s mortar that unites it. Maybe its the dad in me but some of the most enjoyable parts of this film feature Dom’s son Brian Marcos (Little B) played by Leo Abelo Perry. The road trip with Little B and John Cena’s Jake Toretto, aka Uncle Jake brought an unexpected warmth and comedy to what is otherwise one of the darker films in the franchise. To be honest I probably could have watched an entire spin off movie with just Uncle Jake and Little B and Cena really shows his acting ability throughout the film.

Jason Momoa’s delivers what is destined to be one of his most memorable performances as the primary antagonist Dante Reyes, son of Herman Reyes who was the villain in 2011’s Fast Five. Momoa’s natural charisma makes a narcissist sociopath one of the funniest and most interesting characters in the film. Motivated by the death his father Dante spends Fast X seeking revenge against Dom and family while having a disturbing level of fun in the process. I was genuinely stunned that Momoa, who seems like one of the most likeable stars in Hollywood could play such an infinitely enjoyable villain. While I’ve had nothing but praise for his previous heroic roles (Aquaman, Justice League) but I’ll confess to being interested to see him twirling his mustache in the future. No spoilers but I think we may see him again in this franchise and that’s a very good thing.

As the film’s primary villain Dante gets more screen time than any other character than Dom, which doesn’t give us that much time with our main characters. We spend most of Fast X with the team operating in different countries with them all essentially on the run from Dante and his forces. But truthfully we’ve spend so much time with Dom and the family over the years that audiences should know them by now. Charlize Theron makes the most of her screen time as returning villain Cipher. Jason Statham similarly makes an all to brief appearance in Fast X. But with the recent revelation that instead of being a two part finale to the series, Fast X now represents the first part of a concluding trilogy I’m sure we’ll spend more time with both characters in the near future.

Fast X is perfect summertime action film with great special effects, courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic, a cast that clearly understands their roles, a charismatic villain and great cars, although I thought it was cruel that we saw the new electric Dodge Charger but didn’t get to see it in action. Maybe in Fast XI or XII.

Three out of Four stars.

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