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Book Brew: A Guide to ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Phase One, Wave Three

Eric brings you a guide to the explosive finale of Phase One of ‘The High Republic’

January of 2022 marked the one year anniversary of Star Wars: The High Republic and in that time Star Wars fans have experienced an epic story that sends it readers on an emotional roller coaster. This is in thanks to writers Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, Daniel Jose Older, Claudia Gray and Cavan Scott.

What is Wave Three about? The culmination of all of the stories from the first two waves of Phase One. The Republic is led to believe that they finally have The Nihil on the run and that peace can be achieved by bringing the Eye of the Nihil to justice. Meanwhile, the Jedi of Starlight Beacon are dispatched to the Eiram system to aid the citizens after a natural disaster strikes. While that is going on, Marchion Ro sets his sights on Starlight Beacon with a plan to rid the Outer Rim of the Jedi once and for all.

Below is complete guide to Wave Three of Phase One of The High Republic:

The Fallen Star (Novel) Written by Claudia Gray
Wave Three kicks off with this adult novel written by Claudia Gray. Starlight Beacon has been called to the Eiram system to aid the citizens of the planet after a natural disaster event occurs. The station starts to take on Refugees and Master Stellan Gios and the other Jedi of the Beacon must care for the injured while also trying to maintain peace onboard. Meanwhile, Marchion Ro sends some of his Nihil warriors to Starlight. Their mission: to sabotage and destroy the station. After the station is sabotaged, the Jedi, Republic and other beings on board race to save the station from crashing and to save the refugees that have arrived from Eiram.

Mission to Disaster (young reader novel) Written By Justina Ireland
This young reader novel takes place before the events of The Fallen Star and focuses on Vernestra Rwoh, Imri Cantaros and Avon Starros. After the Nihil attack Port Haileap and capture Avon Starros, Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh and her Padawan Imri Cantaros begin a search and rescue mission. It leads them to the planet Dalna where they run into Honesty Weft who asks the Jedi for help with a natural disaster. Vernestra and Imri must aid the people of Dalna and rescue Avon before it’s too late.

Vernestra Rwoh leaps into action in Mission to Disaster

Midnight Horizon (Young Adult Novel) Written by Daniel Jose Older
This young adult novel sends Jedi Kantam Sy, Cohmac Vitus, Ram Jomaram and Reath Silas to Corellia. After some events involving the disappearances of high value officials occur in Coronet City and around the planet, the Jedi arrive to launch an investigation. It will take them all over the planet including the shipyards where the new Purgill class cruiser The Halcyon has recently launched. Their investigation leads them to some dangerous revelations as well as some personal reflection for the Jedi. It ends with a finale so epic and so explosive, that readers will be talking about for years.

Ram Jomaram and Zeen take action in Midnight Horizon

The Edge of Balance Volume 2 (Manga) Written by Daniel Jose Older
This manga written by Daniel Jose Older takes place shortly after the events on Volume One. Jedi Lily Tora-Asi and Padawan Keerin Fionn investigate the cause of the Drengir attack on Banchii. This leads them to the Nihil where the Jedi try to bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict but it does not go well. Here, Lily will learn what it truly means to be a Jedi, but it comes at a price.

The Eye of the Storm (comic mini-series) Written by Charles Soule
Charles Soule delivers the final story of Phase One with The Eye of The Storm. This mini-series not only caps off the events of The Fallen Star but it also gives readers an origin story for Marchion Ro. It showcases Ro’s ascent in the Nihil and it also shows how his father (the original Eye of the Nihil) is murdered. I won’t go into anymore detail here as there are a lot of spoilers but let’s just say it ends in shock and awe.

So that wraps up the guide to Phase One of The High Republic before the start of Phase Two on October 4th. What are you excited for with the next phase of The High Republic? Let us know in the comments below!

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