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Book Brew: A Guide To ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Phase One, Wave Two

Ready for Wave Two of Phase One of The High Republic? Join Eric for another fun guide to the middle chapter of Phase One!

The first wave of Phase One of Star Wars: The High Republic introduced fans to a brand new era of Star Wars storytelling with a massive interconnected story for fans of all ages. If you’re wondering what Wave Two brings, well strap in because it’s going to be a fun ride. Wave Two is written by Cavan Scott, Justina Ireland and Daniel Jose Older.

Wave Two takes place one year after the events of The Great Hyperspace Disaster as depicted in Light of the Jedi. Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh and the Republic are moving forward with another one of Soh’s Great Works, The Republic Fair. The eyes of the entire galaxy shift to the planet Valo where the fair is to be held, including the eye of Marchion Ro.

Phase One, Wave Two

The Rising Storm written by Cavan Scott
This adult novel kicks off Wave Two with a bang. A year has past since The Great Hyperspace Disaster and while the Jedi of Starlight Beacon and the Hutts take on the deadly Drengir, Lina Soh and the Republic are holding a Republic Fair on the planet Valo. Meanwhile, Marchion Ro returns to a very familiar place to look for an ancient weapon that can end the Jedi for once and all. In this story we also see Elzar Mann trying to find meaning in the Force Visions he experienced on Starlight Beacon. This book features a few Jedi, Republic officials and a few Nihil. The Jedi featured in The Rising Storm are Stellan Gios, Elzar Mann, Bell Zettifar and former Jedi turned monster hunter Ty Yorrick. The Republic is once again Represented by Lina Soh and for the Nihil Marchion Ro is once again front and center for the action.

Race To Crashpoint Tower written by Daniel Jose Older
Daniel Jose Older brings the fun in this young reader novel which takes place during the events of The Rising Storm and follows Padawan Ram Jomaram and the crew of the Starhopper. During the Nihil attack on the Republic Fair, Padawan’s Ram and Lula and Force sensitive newcomer Zeen most defend Crashpoint Tower from not only the Nihil but the Drengir. On top of that, they have to repair the tower to get a signal out to the republic. Not only does this book have a lot of action, it has tons of great humor. This is the perfect Wave Two entry point for younger readers.

Out of the Shadows written by Justina Ireland
Justina Ireland pens this young adult novel that introduces new characters and brings back some fan favorites. Sylvestri Yarrow has been a pilot her entire life. It’s a difficult life but a simple one at the same time. During one of her jobs, her ship is attacked by the Nihil and Sylvestri and her crew have no choice but to abandon ship. After surviving the attack and making sure her crew is safe, Sylvestri travels to Coruscant to tell the Republic what happened and to ask for help in ridding the sector of the Nihil threat. Enter Jedi Vernestra Rwoh, Padawan Imri Cantaros, Master Cohmac Vitus and Padawan Reath Silas. The Jedi agree to help Sylvestri and investigate what is drawing the Nihil into this particular sector of space.

Meet Pilot Sylvestri Yarrow

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures: The Monster Of Temple Peak (Comic Mini-series published by IDW) Written by Cavan Scott
This all ages comic mini-series is all about former Jedi turned monster hunter, Ty Yorrick. Ty is on a backwater planet when she is approached by some locals to take out a monster that is threatening their village and their way of life. This takes place before the events of The Rising Storm and features flashbacks to Ty’s early days as a Padawan and Knight. The series ran for four issues.

Tempest Runner (Audio Drama) Written by Cavan Scott
Cavan Scott was pretty busy during Wave Two bringing us multiple stories with some epic moments, but it’s with the audio drama Tempest Runner that Scott brings us a personal story with high stakes. Tempest Runner takes place three months after the attack on Valo and it shines the spotlight on Lorna Dee (one of Marchion Ro’s second in command and leader of her own Tempest). The story takes place in two time periods: the present with a rival Tempest planning to break her out of a Republic prison and kill her, and the past where we see Lorna’s journey with joining the Nihil and working her way up in the organization. You can find this drama on Audible as well as find the script in hardcover form.

Meet Lorna Dee, Tempest Runner!

Edge of Balance Volume One (Manga) Written by Justina Ireland
This manga written by Justina Ireland centers around Jedi Lily Tora-Asi and her Wookiee Jedi mentor Arkoff on the planet Banchii. Banchii is a planet in the Outer Rim that is the home of one of the Order’s Jedi outposts. After they come back from a mission of relocating refugees after The Great Hyperspace Disaster, the citizens of the planet are attacked by the deadly Drengir. The Jedi must stop the threat and figure out how the Drengir got to Banchii. Volume One not only tells a great story but it is beautifully drawn.

Trail of Shadows (Comic Mini-Series Published by Marvel) Written By Daniel Jose Older
This comic mini-series connects Waves Two and Three and tells the story of Jedi Investigator Emerick Caphtor. Emmerick is tasked by Stellan Gios to investigate what happened at the end of The Rising Storm. The investigation leads Emmerick to some interesting discoveries and an explosive finale that will have you thinking about it long after it is over.

That is everything is Wave Two. I hope you check these wonderful stories out and come back for my guide to Wave Three of Phase One.

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