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Book Brew: A Guide to ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Phase One, Wave One

Interested in experiencing #TheHighRepublic but you don’t know where to start? Join Eric for this guide to Phase One of the epic story!

When The Skywalker Saga ended many Star Wars fans were wondering what was next for their favorite Galaxy Far, Far Away….. Enter The High Republic, a huge interconnected story set roughly 200-400 years before The Phantom Menace. Launched in January of 2021 and written by Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, Daniel Jose Older, Cavan Scott and Claudia Gray. The story is told through adult novels, young adult novels, young reader novels, comics, manga and audio dramas. There is so much here for Star Wars fans of all ages. Not only is the story fantastic, but the cast of characters has never been more diverse than it is here. There are BIPOC characters and LGBTQ+ characters that you will absolutely fall in love with.

What is The High Republic about? It is the golden age of not only the Republic but the Jedi Order. This is a time of great peace until The Great Disaster which sets off a series of events that will test the Republic, the Jedi and the galaxy itself…..

Phase One, Wave One:

Light Of The Jedi by Charles Soule
This is the book that kicks it all off. The Republic is flourishing and under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh, the Republic is expanding into the Outer Rim with the launch of Starlight Beacon station. Starlight will serve as the base of operations for the Republic and Jedi in the Outer Rim. On a routine hyperspace run to the Outer Rim, a ship called The Legacy Run suddenly breaks apart in hyperspace, causing pieces of the ship to exit hyperspace and threaten to destroy the Hetzal system. This event will forever be known as The Great Disaster. The Jedi of Starlight Beacon respond to the crisis and get to work to save the day. Meanwhile, villainous marauders known as The Nihil led by Marchion Ro set in motion a plan to rid the galaxy of the Republic and Jedi. This story is told through multiple perspectives such as the Jedi, Republic and Nihil. The Jedi featured in Light of the Jedi are Avar Kriss, Burryaga (a Wookiee Jedi), Sskeer (a Trandoshin Jedi), Elzar Mann, Master Loden Greatstorm ( a Twilek Jedi), his apprentice Bell Zettifar and Porter Engle ( an older Jedi also known as the Blade of Bardota. That story will be told in Phase II). We are also introduced to Chancellor Lina Soh and other Republic officials.

The Villainous Marchion Ro has a sinister plan for the Jedi and the Republic

The Great Jedi Rescue (Children’s book) Written by George Mann
If you’re looking to get your younger kids into The High Republic then this is the perfect book. The Great Jedi Rescue depicts the heroic efforts of the Jedi who saved the Hetzal system from disaster. It’s a fantastic adaptation of the first 1/3 of :Light of the Jedi. Plus it comes with STICKERS!!

A Test Of Courage by Justina Ireland
The first of the young reader novels, this book takes place after the events of Light of the Jedi and stars Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh and Padawan Imri Cantaros. In this story, Vernestra and Imri are traveling to Starlight Beacon for the dedication ceremony on a ship called the Steady Wing. Traveling with the Jedi are various diplomats representing the Republic and other planets interested in joining the Republic. While in transit, the ship is sabotaged and destroyed. Vernestra, Imri, Avon Starros (daughter of a Republic Senator) and Honesty Weft (son of a diplomat from the planet Dalna) escape in a shuttle and crash land on a moon. While waiting to be rescued, the children must survive not only the elements but a threat from the Nihil as well.

Into The Dark by Claudia Gray
Claudia Gray brings readers the first young adult novel of the series. This takes place mostly during the events of Light of the Jedi. In this story, Jedi Reath Silas, Dez Rydan, Master Cohmac Vitus and Jedi Wayseeker Orla Jareni are on their way to Starlight Beacon aboard The Vessel piloted by Leox Gyasi, Affie Hallow and Vintian navigator Geode. After The Vessel is forced out of hyperspace due to the Legacy Run disaster, the crew finds themselves laying low on an ancient space station that houses many mysteries. During their investigation, they awaken an ancient evil called the Drengir (sentient plants that are steeped in the Dark Side).

A Look at the Drengir!

Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic (Comic Series) written by Cavan Scott
Veteran comic and novel writer Cavan Scott pens the flagship comic title for The High Republic. Taking place primarily after the Starlight Beacon dedication ceremony, this comic series stars Jedi Avar Kriss (Marshall of Starlight Beacon), Sskeer (a Trandoshin Jedi), Keeve Trennis (his apprentice), Terec & Ceret (twin non-binary Jedi) Estala Maru (Jedi in charge of communications for the station). The Jedi of Starlight Beacon are busy protecting the Outer Rim from The Nihil but they also have to deal with the Hutts and the new threat of the Drengir. This series ran for 15 issues and covers many events that happen during Phase One.

IDW’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adeventures (Comic Series) written by Daniel Jose Older
Taking place during and after the Legacy Run disaster, writer Daniel Jose Older pens a story that features the Jedi of the Jedi Teaching Ship the Starhopper. This series stars Masters Yoda, Kantam Sy (a non-binary Jedi) and new fan favorite Torbin Buck aka Buckets of Blood! It also features Jedi Padawan’s Lula and Qort. The Jedi of the Starhopper are exploring the Outer Rim when they try to save as many people as they can from a Nihil attack. During this mission they pick up a new Force sensitive person named Zeen. This series ran for 13 issues with an Annual and The Galactic Bake Off special.

People have asked me if readers need to read everything to understand what is going on; the answer is both yes and no. Yes it helps to read everything that comes out because you get the full story but you can pick and choose what you read and still understand what is going on because there are multiple references to events in other published pieces. I hope this guide has helped you navigate Phase One of The High Republic. Stay tuned for more!

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