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AV Review Brew: Pinocchio

We cannot tell a lie…

Since about 2014, Disney has regularly subjected their fans to live-action remakes of a beloved animated classic movies. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon with approximately 17 projects in development or production according to Wikipedia. While the films have been financially successful, the reviews have been mixed to awful. Disney has added to the collection with the release of Pinocchio. I should say now that I have never watched any of the remakes, but for Disney+ Day I figured I’d give it a watch.

We all know the story behind Pinocchio: a woodcarver named Geppetto carves a wooden puppet named Pinocchio. The puppet is brought to life by the Blue Fairy, who informs him that he can become a real boy if he proves himself to be “brave, truthful, and unselfish” and shenanigans ensue.

The film states the run time is 111 minutes, 15 minutes of that is the credits rolling. The actual run time is 96 minutes. With the reviews I’ve heard of prior remakes, my expectations were low. As I’ve watched the film today, I’m not blown over by production but I’m not mad either. The film is a faithful adaptation of the source material with perfect casting. The CGI is brilliant making the film pretty to watch and seems to walk the line between being a live-action film and a cartoon.

Tom Hanks hasn’t met an accent he won’t attempt but he could and should have left this one alone. With that said he does a good job in this role. The movement of his body makes up where the makeup may be lacking. One can see that he had a good time playing this part and I would accuse this of being an Oscar play if this had been released in a theater. Cynthia Erivo’s Blue Fairy was excellent but did not have enough screen time and I loved hearing her sing. The voice actors behind Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, and Honest John were also wonderful choices.

Overall there isn’t anything specific to dislike nor is there anything particularly to love about this movie, which is why it feels like a waste of time for all the artists involved.  If I had a young child in my home, I would let them sit and watch it but there is no need for me to watch it again.

2.5 marionettes out of 5

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