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Music Brew: Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda

Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda did everything and she did it well.

When people think of the words Coltrane and jazz, they inevitably think of John Coltrane. And while they would be right to do so, true jazz aficionados know that there’s more than one Coltrane you could be speaking of. 

Alice Coltrane, wife of John Coltrane, was an accomplished harpist, jazz pianist, organist, composer and swamini. Her work is full of layers, taking you on a musical journey that never lets up, each piece feeling different yet utterly connected not just song-to-song but album-to-album.

Daughter of Solon and Annie McLeod, Alice began playing and writing music by the age of nine and went on to become one of the most sought after collaborators in the musical world, working with everyone from her husband to Carlos Santana. 

Coltrane continued to compose and perform up until her death in 2007, gifting the world with over 20 albums of everything from incomparable jazz ballads to joyful spirituals. 

If you want to check out her legacy further, or learn more about her equally talented siblings Marilyn McLeod and Ernest Farrow, son Ravi and grand-nephew Flying Lotus check out her website or go visit the The John and Alice Coltrane Home, who have made it their mission to keep the Coltrane fire alive and burning. 


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