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Cosplay Brew: TallElf24

We hang out with #TallElf24 for #CosplaySpotlight!
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  • Please tell us your name and where you are based.
    Hello, my name is Akeem Andrews and I’m based in Philadelphia; The City of Brotherly Love. 
  • How long have you been cosplaying?
    I have been cosplaying for about 4 years and it’s been an incredible journey to look back on. 
  • What characters have you cosplayed the most?
    I would say my Spider-Man because it’s so many different suits and my created character Onyx The Elf who I also love upgrading. 

1. What made you decide to cosplay?
My friend got me into it, he builds his costumes. One year we went to a Halloween party and he wore this custom-built Green Lantern that looked right out a film and at that moment I knew had to get in on this hobby.

Harley Quinn

2. Which of your cosplays have been the most challenging and/or the most rewarding and why?
So, I’d definitely say my Iceman which required a lot of makeup and also snowflakes , not sweating in the heat is also a task but it’s worth it. Onyx The Elf is also hard because I created him and I put a lot of stress on myself because I constantly want him to be different and stand out. When people say Onyx is cool it warms my heart because what better feeling then your original character being complimented?

Onyx The Elf

3. What is the best advice you would give to other cosplayers of color specifically?
I would say go in with intentions on just having fun because that’s what this is about: being who you want and bringing your favorite characters to life. Cosplay is for everyone so ignore the negative people and just keep shining because no matter who you wear it’s a work of art. 

Danny Phantom

4. What one thing could the cosplay community do better when dealing with one another?
Supporting lesser known cosplayers. We have a habit of sharing and supporting already popular cosplayers and not sharing new guys who are just as talented. I’m not saying don’t support well known cosplayers. I’m saying do the same for the up and coming too, they need love just as much. 


All Photos Credited to Kieran Corcoran 

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