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Cosplay Brew: 28 Days of Black Cosplay – Che

Che makes a splash for 28 Days Of Black Cosplay!

Kikyo - Photo Credit: @n.leopard

Please tell us your name and where you are based. 
My name is Che. I’m based in Georgia.

● How long have you been cosplaying?
I have been cosplaying for about 4 years.

● What characters have you cosplayed the most? 
I cosplay a lot of Disney characters. Growing up I was big into Disney princesses. My favorite princess is Aurora.

● Please list your Website or Fan Pages

1. What made you decide to cosplay?
I started cosplaying for fun! I would create looks and share with family but one day, I decided to post it on my Instagram.

Unity – Photo Credit : Che
2. What do you do for your day job or hobbies?
Cosplaying is currently my hobby. I have so much fun creating looks, building the props and becoming the character. I tend to spend a while in them. “Acting them out”

Hinata – Photo Credit: @n.leopard 

3. Which of your cosplays have been the most challenging and/or the most rewarding and why? 
My most challenging cosplay was my first cosplay I created by hand. I handcrafted every jewel and piece. I think it was because I had no idea what I was doing! A lot of trail and error. I was so happy I took my time because it made the pictures come out amazing. 

Princess Allura – Photo Credit – Che

4. What is the best advice you would give to other cosplayers of color specifically?
Do be afraid to cosplay a character you love! Step out of the “canon” box and jump into your own creativity.

Chrollo Lucifer – Photo Credit: Che

5. What one thing could the cosplay community do better when dealing with one another?
Uplifting each other! Sometimes we get too caught up into the number of followers a person has instead of their content. Make friends if you like their content. Also be positive and honest. And only provide feedback or criticisms if they ask for it.

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