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This Week In WTF 10/28/2019

Another collection of all the WTF we can fit into one article.

Howdy all. Instead of ending the week with a dose of insanity we’re giving you something to make your Monday a little brighter. I was officiating a wedding this weekend, which accounts for the delay. And now you only have 5 days until I bring it back for you. Now, without further ado…

Holy Grail Credits

Finding Nemo Nigel The Pelican

Cat Mugshot

Geico Doll Commercial

John Mulaney Horse Loose In The Hospital

Kangaroo Jack

Conan The Librarian

Let's Do The Whitest Thing Imaginable

Angry Cow

Spank The Bear

Monster Chiller Horror Theatre

Okay. Get back to work. Everyone in the office is wondering why you’ve been laughing on the toilet for the last 15 minutes and your boss wants to give you a performance review.

If you see anything WTF-worthy drop me a line here in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @arrpeebee & until Friday y’all keep it unreal.

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