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This Week In WTF 9/27/2019

Who in the hell put Werner Herzog in charge of the matrix?

I had no ulterior motive for choosing this image…

It’s finally fall, which means it’s time for people to switch out from complaining about how hot it is to complaining about how cold it is. Do yourself a favor & order some delivery from your favorite establishment and just stay in and read these links instead.

Hot Ones

Letterkenny Wayne

Groundskeeper Willie Basic Instinct

Elmo Hail Satan

Electric Avenue Sign

Oh No Baby What Is You Doing

Mickey Mouse Opium

Stares Mothafuckaly

What's My Blood Type

Respect Everywhere

And we end with a post showing respect to a real legend.

That’s it for us here this week. If you see anything WTF-worthy drop me a line here or hit me up on Twitter at @arrpeebee

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