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Review Brew: ‘Livewire’ #9

A Senator with a mysterious past seeks Amanda’s help to fight for the future of Psiots and humankind. The deal seems sweet but can Amada trust him?

Livewire #9
Written By: Vita Ayala
Art By: Tana Ford
Published By: Valiant Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 21, 2019

Amanda McKee is still on the run from the U.S. Government but continues her mission of protecting and freeing Psiots in Livewire #9. The story picks up a few months after the last story arc with Amanda being approached by a U.S. Senator offering her an olive branch is she helps him with his campaign. Senator Wright wants to make sure that all Psiots are protected and looked after while also showing the public that they are not dangerous. Amanda doesn’t trust the Senator so she launches an investigation into his past.

Writer Vita Ayala crafts a simple yet mysterious tale that also reflects on our current political climate. Ayala takes on current issues by putting a superhero spin on them. Psiots represent the immigrants that are trying to enter the country and have a better life while the government is scared and begins to crack down on them. It’s with these issues that Ayala succeeds in setting up this new arc while also making the reader emotionally invested in what is going on.

The art by Tana Ford is beautiful and helps set the tone of the story in a fun way. One of my favorite panels in the book is a wide one of Amanda standing on a rooftop surrounded by birds while she is tapped into the grid and talking to the Senator. It’s a breathtaking piece and it made me fall in love with this series even more. The characters look great and everyone looks like they belong. While there isn’t much in the way of action the smaller scenes definitely make up for that.

I really enjoyed this book however it is not for everyone. Those that are looking for escape from the current political climate will not enjoy it. There are a lot of references and comparisons throughout, including immigration, racism and discrimination. However, if you can handle those topics, there is a lot to be enjoyed here.

All in all I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to the rest of the story arc.

4 Scheming Senators Out of 5


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