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This Week In WTF 6/21/2019

Weird stuff keeps happening. We will keep collecting it so you don’t have to.

Wherein we find more glitches in the Matrix…


Yes This Is Dog

Sometimes we need emergency zoomies.

Scary pirate ghost spirit. PNG - JPG and vector EPS (infinitely

If these two can’t make it work what chance do the rest of us have?

Right To Arm Bears

I can haz second amendment?

Half Baked

I got my THC on GPS

Super Troopers Meow

This is the only way I will watch any Congressional hearings from now on

Saved By The Bell

Looks like from now on he’ll be saved by the bus.

Homer Crayon Xray

In Florida they call this an average Tuesday. Speaking of Florida…

Effin Birds How Long Until The Apolalypse

What I cannot understand is how he figured out this workaround. Also, is there a place we can donate pool floaties to this guy? I will gladly go to Five Below and buy him a case a month if it means he doesn’t hurt anyone else.


That’s all the weirdness I can handle for now. If you have a tip on a WTF story drop it in the comments below!

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Husband, pastor, comedian, trivia host, armchair American historian, owner of too many pets. founder of @dropthree & Twittering as @arrpeebee

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