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FUNimation is now truly mobile

FUNimation has finally made itself truly mobile! As any fan of streaming services knows, the downside is that most shows you want to watch often require you to have a network connection. Thus it’s been difficult for anime fans to download their favorite series and enjoy them on the go…until now.

Within the past two weeks, FUNimation has rolled out a download service, at no extra charge, on their app which allows subscribers to find their favorite series, click the purple arrow, download it and take it with them.

You want to watch Attack on Titan on the train? Check. You want to catch up with Overlord on a flight home from the holidays? Check. Going to the parents’ house and they have a horrible internet connection? Find your shows and download; it’s at the click of a button.

This may be a big game changer considering that Netflix and Amazon Prime has had that same feature for some time. It’s big considering that FUNimation is second to Crunchyroll in curating current anime content on streaming services. FUNimation also recently signed a deal to partner with Hulu as well. The deal may bode well for both streaming services.

Also, this new feature allows those who have been on the fence about purchasing a subscription a compelling new reason to give it a go.

The big question now is will Crunchyroll follow suit and start their own downloadable service.

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