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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Unlock tips!! GO CLASSIC

Ok, real talk, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is the best iteration of Super Smash Bros. ever. You can play it in bed, on the way to work, over a friend’s house, in the bathroom…where ever. There are a ton of modes as well. But of course the big thing standing in gamers’ way is unlocking all of those characters!  Asides from some of the other methods that may require you to cut your system on and off, play around with save settings, sacrificing an Xbox to the gods, we may have found another way around. It’s still a bit of a grind but it’s a good way of opening all of the characters without possibly messing up your save game.

All you simply have to do is play classic mode.

By starting the Classic Mode which is found in the “Games and More” menu, pick one of the eight starting characters Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and finish a Classic Mode play through with them. If you use the list below, completing Classic Mode with one of the characters at the start should unlock the next one in line.




Mario > Sonic>Bayonetta>Little Mac>Ike>Luigi>Roy>Dr. Mario>Olmar



Donkey Kong>Bowser>Pokemon Trainer>Rosalina and Luma>King Dedede>Sheik>Greninja




Link>King K.Rool>Ice Climbers>Simon>Meta Knight>Diddy Kong>Duck Hunt>Snake



Samus>Inkling>Wii Fit Trainer>Pit>Incineroar>YoungLink












Fox>Captain Falcon>Zero Suit Samus>Peach>Falco>Daisy>Bowser Jr.>Wolf>Mew Two



Pikachu>Villager>Shulk>R.O.B.Mega Man>Isabelle>Mr. Game and Watch>Pichu




Random>Dark Samus>Cloud>Wario>Dark Pit>Ritcher>Toon Link


We are still checking amiibos to see if they help as well. Stay tuned!

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