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Q and A with Joe Eisma!

Recently, we took a moment to ask Joe Eisma (Morning Glories, The Archies, and Riverdale) a few questions. Here’s what happened next!


The Archies and the Beatles are both playing a concert in the same city. Who trashes the hotel and how?

The Archies, but not in a party animal fashion. It would all be Archie’s fault, since he’s kind of a klutz. He’d accidentally break something or knock over a lamp, causing a domino effect of destruction. Reggie would laugh at him, and Betty would try and help Archie from making a further mess. However, Jughead would walk in with a bunch of food, and slip on the mess Archie made, and spill food and drink everywhere. Veronica would just be on her phone, oblivious, but the gang would be kicked out and banned from the hotel.


So, Bruce Wayne drops Damien Wayne off at Morning Glory Academy. How does he survive his first semester?

I think Damian would fit in just perfectly at Morning Glory Academy. He’d quickly acclimate to his new situation, and would probably be key in toppling the evil faculty alongside Casey and the other Glories. He’s got great combat skills, so he’d be able to handle pretty much anything the school would throw at him.


What drawing tool or device would you risk running late to work for that you absolutely have to turn around and go back home to get? Why?

My digital tablet. I’ve actually turned around and gone back for it before. I was heading out to a convention a few months ago, and got about ten miles from my house, and then remembered I’d forgotten my tablet, so I wheeled around and went back for it. Barely made my flight! It’s just an essential part of my workflow–especially when I’m on the road.



What do you think was the worst piece of advice you were given?

I think the worst advice I got was a basic implication to ‘stay in my lane,’ in comics. That I’d drawn a bunch of books starring teens, so I was basically typecast as the teen artist. It’s really limiting, and I didn’t want to be pigeon holed. I started playing around with style, and now I tweak my style to suit each project.


What’s the deal with the Archies and why should fans be excited for it?

The Archies is essentially Archie’s Avengers. All the main characters are in the book–Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Reggie, and they team up and form a band, and hit the road. The big hook for the series was they would meet real life bands and each issue would be a self contained adventure with a new band. We didn’t get to every band that we wanted to in our run, but we hope do come back with some one shots and cover those some day. Our second trade paperback should be out soon, and it guest stars Blondie, The Monkees and more!


That’s it from here! Thanks go out to Joe for letting us know what’s going with this title! If fans want to see more of Joe’s work, they should go here for more!

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