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A Quick Chat with Fabian Nicieza

We got a chance to talk to one of the creators of Deadpool, Fabian Nicieza. We wanted to find out a few things about the character and some of the other things he is working on. This is how it happened.
1. Deadpool and Wolverine are playing a game of Russian Roulette…who wins?
Wolverine. Wolverine shoots himself in the head and the bullet bounces off his adamantium skill. Deadpool shoots himself in the head and blows half his brains out. While he is regenerating himself, Wolverine beheads him and puts his head in a wood chipper. Bye-bye Deadpool.
2. Honestly, did you think 20 some odd years ago, Deadpool would be getting this much attention?
Not 20 years ago, no, but 25 years ago, yes.
3. Can you explain this long, bitter, and yet brutal rivalry  **snicker!!** you have with Gail Simone and bout Cyclops and why you know you are right?
Saying I’m right implies that in the asking of the question, I could be wrong. I can not be wrong, therefore, I am not “right” I merely speak Truth. 
Force, not heat.
4. Was Deadpool created to be pansexual or was it something that evolved over time?
You’re not scripting a character as a recurring villain in a code-approved comic book in 1992 and thinking,
“Yes, this character will be pansexual, a word that won’t really have any kind of significant traction for 20 years.”
So, yes, evolved over time and as content restrictions evolved within the industry.
5. What kind of a challenge was it scripting Hot Wheels World Race and The Black Belt Club?
Both were different challenges. Black Belt Club was minimal involvement or engagement on my part. Hot Wheels was an incredibly elaborate story and character construction, a tremendous challenge from a storytelling standpoint (36 self-contained 8 page stories that all had to take place within a larger on-going story event) and super intense from a scheduling standpoint. The fact that the things Jeff Gomez and Starlight Runner created resulted in the revenue generation of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for Mattel over a decade of milking the material, then I figure we must have done something right.
6. What are you working on now and how can we get our sweaty palms on it?
I have an original creator-owned series on the digital platform, WEBTOON called OUTRAGE ( or download the app). He’s the bully who bullies the bullies on the Internet! A new chapter every week and it’s FREE to read!
I am scripting the current story arc of NIGHTWING on sale now! It’s a fun controversial storyline where Nightwing was shot in the head and suffered a traumatic brain injury and has lost his last 15 years of memories, and has no interest in being a superhero the way he’s been told he was. Even being a cab driver in Bludhaven is safer than that!
That’s it comic book wise. I do a lot of non-comic book work that keeps me busy in film, television and the video game fields.
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