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Yes, Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch Is Worth the $60

News has broken that Diablo III is coming to the Switch. All the details are known except exactly when it will be released. While some are probably excited about this news, others may be saying, “Yay, yet another port.” or “I refuse to pay another $60 dollars for a game I already bought once or twice since 2012.”  But think about it: if you are on the fence about double-dipping (I am as well because really, who wants to start completely over again?) there are a few reasons to get excited. Let’s take a look.

Everything is already open at the start – For those mad about spending 60 bucks, come on… As reported by Gamespot:

Titled “Diablo 3: Eternal Collection,” it will feature the original game, alongside the Reaper of Souls expansion, Adventure Mode (fully unlocked from the outset), Challenge Rifts, Kanai’s Cube, and the Crusader class. Additionally, it’ll also have the Rise of the Necromancer pack, which primarily consists of the Necromancer class.

So essentially you are buying a GOTY version of the game and then some. That’s pretty hard to say ‘no’ to.

Multiple ways to play – One big thing that stood out is that there are so many ways to play multiplayer with friends.  You can play on the same Switch docked or undocked. Which, if you play on a big screen, lends for some good ol’ fashioned couch co-op fun. You can also play with multiple Switches locally, with up to four people.  There are going to be many ways to play this game that we never imagined when the original was released on PC so long ago.

PLAY MOBILE!!! – Did you catch that little hint in my last paragraph? And yes, it’s kind of obvious being that it’s on the Switch. This is something that many of us could only dream about years ago. Now, instead of being stuck in front of a PC monitor, or your TV, you can play anywhere, at any time. Also, you can do so without an internet connection! But if it’s not sinking in yet:

  • You can play it in BED
  • You can play it on the BUS
  • You can play it on LUNCHBREAK
  • You can play it on the COUCH
  • You can play it over your gran’ma’s house while ON THE TOILET (just wash your nasty hands when you are done!)

I am frothing at the idea of being able to finally get my Diablo fix on the go, almost as much as I was at the thought of a portable Skyrim.

So, all we know right now is Diablo III: The Eternal Edition will release this fall at around $60 MSRP. We’ll definitely bring you more info as it becomes available, so make sure you stay tuned.

What about the rest of you gamers? Are you excited for a Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III? Let us know in the comments below.

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