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Review Brew: ‘Teen Titans Special #1’

If you are looking into getting into more comics that feature the Teen Titans, then Teen Titans Special #1 is a great jumping on point.

Teen Titans Special #1
Written by: Adam Glass
Art by: Robson Rocha
Colors by: Daniel Henriques
Published by: DC Comics
Price: $4.99
Release Date: 06/26/2018

If you are looking into getting into more comics that feature the Teen Titans, then Teen Titans Special #1 is a great jumping on point. The book features 3 different stories. The first story deals with Damian Wayne’s Robin as he tries to protect a family of immigrants from a racketeering operation. Jump to the second story that shows Red Arrow and her struggles with her relationship with her mother. Her mother has taken out high value targets and it’s up to Red Arrow to stop her mother. Kid Flash is the central character in the third story that finds him facing off against members of the Suicide Squad who are terrorizing Santa Monica Pier in California.

Each story is short and to the point but Adam Glass let’s every hero shine in their own unique ways. Robin deals with the difficult decisions he has made and you can see the weight on his shoulders that being a hero has taken on him. Red Arrow is struggling with being a hero but also being a daughter. You can feel the conflict inside of her throughout her story. We can’t forget Kid Flash as he takes the lessons that Barry Allen has taught him about being a hero and he tries to utilize it. Like I said, Glass is a great writer for this special. My only concern with this book is that the three stories could have been told with three different books, each one focusing on one of the three characters.

The art by Robson Rocha and the colors by Daniel Henriques is beautiful and fits the tone for each story. The panels in Kid Flash’s story are bright and hopeful just like Kid Flash. Robin’s story has a darker and grittier feel to it and Red Arrow’s story feels like that out of a film noir. This is all from the art and the coloring. The action sequences are breathtaking and fit perfectly. I have no problems with the art at all.

As I stated earlier, this should have been three books but I am happy with what I read.

4.5 Robin’s out of 5


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