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Review Brew: Nancy in Hell – The Long Road

Writer: El Torres
Art: Abel Cicero
Publisher: Amigo
Price: $2.99
Publish Date: June 27, 2018

Amigo Publishing proudly brings back the absolutely gonzo adventures of Nancy, the chainsaw wielding pinup model from the 2011/2012 Image titles. This is a limited run of four issues, so get ready for a ton of gory, scarelicious fun packed into every book.

**Hellacious Spoilers Ahead**

Here, Nancy is on the road, trying to figure out where the hell (pun intended) she is, and how to escape. Her trusty chainsaw is her anchor, without it, she would become a “braindead”, the equivalent of a zombie in Hades. She is hitchhiking her way through the highway to hell when good ole’ Jeppo picks her up. Of course, this is not a wholesome gesture – you are in hell for a reason. He is a chump compared to our girl Nancy though, as is a Trumpesque politician who fights her for a delicious desert lizard. Little does she know, but Nancy has Hell Guards hot on her heels, but help comes from the most unlikely of places in the wastelands of the underworld.

Torres easily recaptures the insanity of the previous Nancy incarnations, with a fast paced style that disregards any kind of censorship. This title is definitely not for the kiddies. Cicero brings a high attention to detail that is almost too real. Severed body parts, blood, and guts are cool, but Abel really conjures them to life. Nancy in Hell is a fun, irreverent ride that promises to only get better with the trinity of issues left in the run.

4.5 Chainsaws out of 5

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