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‘Battletoads’ is Coming Back in 2019!

Those of us who have been gamers since the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) may remember the original Battletoads game. It was a fun, silly, and fast-paced side-scroller from the folks over at the British video game company, Rare. Released in 1991, Battletoads was also known for being notoriously difficult, and few of us ever made it past the infamous Wind Tunnel level without losing our young minds.

Well, it looks like, after a few decades, Rare will be bringing back the trio of Rash, Zitz, and Pimple (yes, those are their names), to save the day once again.

In a surprise announcement, just before the end of the Microsoft presentation on Sunday afternoon at E3, viewers were treated to what started off looking like someone hacking into the E3 feed. However, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause when it became clear what we were looking at: a teaser trailer for a new Battletoads game.

While no gameplay was shown in the trailer, we do know that the game will include three-player “couch co-op” mechanics, and will be in full 4K on the Xbox One X. The trailer also made a (pretty blatant) nod to the super difficult vehicular segments in the NES version of Battletoads – of which the aforementioned Wind Tunnel level was one. With the developers specifically calling out those rage-inducing segments of the original game, it’s a good bet that we’ll get some good challenges out of the upcoming game.

Battletoads Hard Level

Battletoads itself has not only become famous for its difficult level design, but also for an apparent series of crank calls to Rick Harrison’s Gold & Silver Pawn Shop; yes, the shop featured in The History Channel’s (and A&E Networks’) show Pawn Stars. The crank calls were apparently made to the shop several years ago, and have reached an almost meme-like status across websites like 4Chan and Reddit.

Whether you love the original game, have never played it, or wanted to throw your copy of it into an active volcano after trying in vain to get past Level 3, there’s no doubt that Battletoads holds a special place in the hearts of a lot of gamers from Generation X and Generation Y.

Battletoads (working title) will be released for Xbox platforms sometime in 2019. Stay tuned to Pop Culture Uncovered so we can bring you more information about this title (and other E3 announcements) as it develops!

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